HEY ! Bethesda if you don’t know what means cosmetics let me show you

fallout 7 - HEY ! Bethesda if you don't know what means cosmetics let me show you

So after the storm of recent patch … i am AGAIN reposting my list of items from fallout universe hopefully will have more interest now 😀


Armor Rack – Simple wooden Armor rack to hold our selected armor together . Possible additional function : Holding collected parts of armor & collect armor button that will switch our armor between the rack and our inventory .

Weapon Rack – Same model as in fallout 4 nothing more to add . same function ( hold heavy weapon )

Weapon glass display Box – Traditional Case that wil allow us to unequip and put any kind of long type of weapon

Weapon display Walls – All same types from fallout 4 ( small / medium / huge )

Magazine Racks – Traditional pole with slots for mags and a wall just like any comic shop , also it would be nice if we could have wall type of presentation

Floor-to-ceiling window walls – Credit for : u/Slow_the_Fuck_Down

Concrete Pillbox – Red alert 2 * heavy breathing *

Half Width Walls – Great idea from u/AlpineYJAgain

New Rooftops – Wooden , Aluminium , Brick , Black Titanium

New Concrete Building set – I want to make a pure bunker from bottom to top

Bobblehead Stand – A classic that dont need any introduction ( Fallout 76 alternative variant : An slot machine with all possible b'heads on front. Every time when you pick up a booblehead another one will get replaced with a new one in cool looking animation and funny squeeze sound )

New scaffolding options – Let us build every piece needed to construct our own scaffolding ideas u/Inspect-Her-Gadget

Planters ( indoor plant soil ) – A basic thing that i would love so do creator of this idea : u/dukelukem79

Ceramic pots for plants to farm – Alternative for u/dukelukem79 's Idea

Unique kills Thropies – Let us express our hunting skills with a beautiful head of albino Deathclaw next to our american flag !

A hatch – So we can enter from top to our C.A.M.P

Doorbell by u/Riomaki Some kind of Doorbell or singal transmiter that will allow owner of the C.A.M.P to be summoned by random player that wants to meet the landlord

Every booblehead as a statue – As a reward for finding it for the first time if not can be moved to atomic shop ideas

Logic Gates – ( Used in Advanced wiring for example doors ) Credit : u/Septevar

Power Armor Display – This is something that we should get for a reward on last mission in B.O.S… and plans for ultracite armor in terminal in my opinion

Spiked Wall – Some raider decoration for quests not gear !

Junk Wall – Junk wall….made out of junk…you know

Mailbox – 100/200 Units of stash that we can share with others in our C.A.M.P Credit : u/Riomaki

Damaged variants of regular walls / windows – Credit : u/Slow_the_Fuck_Down

///—Atomic Shop Ideas—///

Notes : Idea pops… idea is getting written… simple as that some are good some are bad . Also i have excluded every weapon and gear that is not included in game as proposition for atomic shop ( i will not think about H&K Skins if the weapon is not in the game even )

Tribal power armor – T-45 Skin ( the Pitt )

Winterized T-51b armor – Operation Anchorage

Robo-Thor – Skin for X0-1 Power Armor

Laser Fencing – Enclave style !

Traditional Firestation Alarm – ACHTUNG ALAR…..oh wait thats not it…

Hospital / Pharmacy Neons – Neons with pills / Hospital itself / Pharma neons

Winterized medic armor and Combat armor – Combat Armor Skins

B.O.S & Enclave Armor Rack – one of it silverish and second blackish with logo on it . The rack itself is just simplewooden Medieval style armor rack

Enclave / Brotherhood themed tinkerers workbench – Just like that change colours into blue&silver / black and white and my wallet will open

Free States Weapon Display Case – ( it will require a functional Display that will allow a weapon to be in it to make it work ) A Display Case with both in front of the display box , and inside under the weapon logo of free states . On top of that the Display Box can be connected to the power source or it will get powered via nearby generator pylon . 2 small lights on corners aiming at the gun.

Heavy Bandit Weapon Rack – Bandit Weapon Rack with skulls and lighten up candles on the floor

Every Single Creature Trophy – If it has to be in Atomic Shop

Enclave Gauss Weapon – Visual modification for Gauss weapon ( silencer of Gauss rifle with Enclave logo on it Pure Black body with stars and stripes )

Hospital sighns – Doctor office / first aid here

Prison Electric chair – I have found one on the rooftop in f76… i want it in my house working and killing

Free States Level Action rifle – just like that paint it and give it white and blue emblems or some sort of words like down with the government on the pipe .

Brotherhood of Steel Statue – Paladin with minigun / Logo just like we have vault tec / bigger version of current statue

Faction Flag pole – Every faction that we like should have a chance to be presented in our c.a.m.p

Brotherhood Themed PA station – Silverish With a logo on side in both variants…

Vault Themed Walls – With Vault tec logo and/or Vault Boy

Modus Terminal – Non Vendor talking terminal

Brotherhood Radar – A simple going all around radar with brotherhood emblem on it

Digital Battle Map Table – ( similar to Ravenrock map / Big MT map )


Big Appalachia Map – with possibility to mark 3 places or more on the map ( example of the map can be found in white springs bunker in communications room )

Mothman Statue – with glowing red eyes in night ( Same as in Mothman Museum just with visual effect )

Stable Flux in jar/lamp – Jar with flux that glows depending on the flux that is inside

First Aid / Trauma Bed – A bed with heart monitoring equipement ( working and reacting if we lay down )

Glasshouse / Greenhouse – The best would be couple variants of size or even set of parts that will allow us to build our own Glasshouse

Vault / Bunker Signs – Shelter this way , evac arrows , warning nuclear shelter ahead

Barbed Wire – Fence and regular floor based pieces

High Tech Furniture – Fallout 2 oil rig / ravenrock type

Enclave Themed Logos – Tower with logo … wall logo

Enclave Themed Radio – Black Radio or a small transmitter with stars on it and playing by default enclave radio that can be changed via terminal

Cash Registers : u/foxsable

Military Training equipement – Floor jumping tires , basically every training and items that are connected to the training in camp mclintock

Contraptions – Ball track bring it back !

Firestation Garage Doors – With orange around light upon opening and closing

Bunker lights – Swinging lightbulb that is armored with cage … corner caged lights … small halogens

Ground Radiation Spikes – Federal Deposit gave me that idea a spikes with glowing radiation goo on the end

Mainframe – Maybe small mainframe for our basement instead of fusion generator ?

Vault tec Flag pole – We can have granite statue of vault tec logo but not the flag ?

Mechanic Lair doors – Those fancy long opening doors same as in automatron DLC in fallout 4

Brotherhood Blast doors – Same type as fallout 1's bunker doors

Anty Goverment ( Free states ) posters – Down with TAX and people that are telling us what to do !

Arena – Maybe 2×2 or 4×4 arena to fight in with small walls

Scorched radar – A working replica of Firebreathers ( i think ) sensor tower for scorched that will react with red glowing light if enemy scorched is nearby

Preppers Decor – Stacked food , water , Barrels

Pulkowsky Shelter – Our private shiny Nuke Shelter…. that will evaporate us and will not help during touchdown

Bandit Throne – Every Raider party has a leader

Pharmacy Equipement – Shelves with rad-x , stims , med x .

Bandit Themed Chemistry Workbench – make psycho in style !

Enclave Energy doors – Ravenrock style remade in new engine

Scanning doors laser grids – Great idea from : u/Necrobringer The same as whitespring bunker entry type i presume ( transfered to Atomic shop ideas beacuse its just fancy equlivent of keypad doors and regular heavy doors )

Steam powerded T-60 – Small pipes here and there and make them puff when you jump and land…. simple yet elegant ( reminder we have railway rifle that is also funny Steam weapon that exists )

Quarantine ''Air Lock'' Room – 1×1 with 2 doors on opsite sites working as a decontamination room.

Copper Railway Rifle – Make it Steampunk lookin

Swamp X0-1 – Make it look like a monster with glowing plants on the shoulders ( cool idea with red eyes lamp )

Mothman Cult Furniture – Altars Monuments , Decorations

Gold Statue of Vaultboy – Why not

Old Windmill ( Skin for Plane engine generator – I wish i could build it pure reminder of fallout NV )

Enclave Satelite Dish – To communicate with HQ on The rig ( fallout 2 )

Stuffed Monster Statues – '' He opened a door and there was a [email protected]#$ing deathclaw that spoke to him via speaker … do you want some tea ? … "

Torture machines – Raiders Favourite playground toys ( swing cages , spike traps… with corpses in them etc )

Vault doors – Smaller replica without back ''drill engine''

Biohazard Decorations – Footlocker with gas masks , Lockers with Hazmats , barrel with biohazard in it

Broterhood of Steel logo tower – Tower with a B.O.S logo on top of it

Burned Wall logo B.O.S – Example super duper mart in watoga next to phoenix

Themed Fortyfications – Regular Military Defense structures with logos of agressive factions like free states enclave and brotherhood

Lazaret Tent – White field tent acting as a first aid post

Coffin Bed : FULL CREDIT GOESSS TOOOO : u/SymbolicGamer ( hahahaha )

Liberty Prime Statue – Smaller replica of our beloved Liberty Prime … with a speaker …. and lights to show his might !

Biohazard testing chamber – Small testing chamber for minor items ( same as in watoga medial service building on 2nd floor in closed room with brotherhood corpses in it ) just brand new and with lights

— Special Effects —

Red Eyes that glow when you use psycho – Psycho and all products of psycho visual modification

Astronaut Footprints in Power armor – One step for a man…

Prototype game style jump with marsupial mutation – a affect of wind / leafes / rocks moving around every time when you jump .

Gore + – Cannibal perk

DayTripper Rainbow effect – While using Daytripper some colors will change ( you should be able to set this on and off both to yourself and party members )

Gun-Fu Kung fu – Special cowboy firing style sounds when using Gun-Fu

Full Charged Fusion ( Full charge perk ) – Full charge will make Fusion cores glow at the back when you run

Full Respec of cards : Credit u/noMercy1987

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