High-Luck Vats Rifleman is making the game pretty easy at lvl 47! How I climbed early difficulty walls.

fallout 4 - High-Luck Vats Rifleman is making the game pretty easy at lvl 47! How I climbed early difficulty walls.

I see people hitting a difficulty issue around level 50, and when I was in my 30's, I felt this pretty hard. I was careful about where to go, and I started putting off the main quests. I thought, Oh God. Well that has flip-flopped and now I am worrying about enough difficulty.

As a longtime Fallout vet, I returned to this game, deleted my depressing pre-wastelanders character, and started fresh. Here is what I did:

  • Pushed up luck early (and only), including the perk that increases your luck with alcohol. This is mainly to note that I wasn't even investing that much in Perception and Agility at first. I ran forward with crap cards on those perks.
  • Took extra-ammo and extra-caps while waiting on the better luck cards.
  • Took Gunsmith 5 so I could craft my own guns and didn't go broke repairing them.
  • Took the legendary perk that gives me access to all locks and terminals with only one level. This saves six perks for anyone who has to open everything.
  • Built a water farm in my early thirties for enough money to buy plans and modest ammo if needed.
  • I used water money (and all my other money) to shop for all the cheap plans, all the time. It doesn't take many caps if you keep looking for the ridiculously cheap plans. Soon you will have almost all the cheap plans and then it becomes very hard, even by level 30, to find cheap plans that you don't know. But when you start, they are everywhere for 5, 10, 20, 50 caps.
  • Played hard-core catch-up with the current season, not just for the goodies but for the PERK PACKS.
  • I can't over-emphasize the importance of getting PERK PACKS at lower levels. Play the SEASONS. GET PERK PACKS.
  • I invested in Tank Killer early. Armor penetration is huge.
  • From the season, I was finally able to mostly max-out Rifleman, Expert Rifleman, and Master Rifleman, or whatever they're called. You can switch these to full-auto later, no biggie!
  • I finally maxed out AmmoSmith in my mid 40s (only two points). I rarely buy ammo, unless I am just doing Daily Season tasks. I have only taken the ammo workshop once, it was very worth it, but tedious as heckins.


  • I went hunting a hand-made, and the plans for it. This is really half the farming I did, aside from water purifiers and generators which are not hard to obtain. It is not essential, I only choose between Handmade and Combat Rifle based on the ammo I have on hand. I have to check the visuals to see what I am using, usually.
  • I scrapped guns, I didn't sell them.
  • I started with hardened receivers for extra damage, and then slowly moved to piercing. I very carefully max out damage and range on all the guns I build.
  • If you farm plans at the vendors like a good wanderer, you can build a custom .38 Combat Rifle, and save tons of ammo all the time, doing things like workshops.
  • EVERY TIME I COULD– and as soon as I could– I re-crafted all my guns to my current level.
  • I keep a custom Combat Rifle, a custom .38 Combat Rifle, a custom Handmade, and a custom hunting rifle. My backups are a Submachinegun, a Combat Shotgun, and a Ski Sword, also all kept current to my level and maxed with the best builds I can manage. I don't have a weight problem and I am running with 1 Strength.


  • Despite my love for Combat Armor, I stuck with METAL. Light Metal is pretty epic. I can still only build light armor.
  • I went hunting for painted metal, and now I'm slowly getting alloyed. It was easy and the other half of the farming I did.
  • I use pocketed on every piece I can build it on. I am running only 1 Strength.
  • EVERY TIME I COULD– as as soon as I could– I re-crafted all my armor to my current level.

Here is what I haven't even done yet.

  • No real power armor. I have a modest raider set with a cool skin and I carry the chassis but I don't generally resort to using it. It can be a resource sink early in the game, I don't need it. I was using it before I was able to put pocketed on most of my armor.
  • I haven't spent perks yet to help with armor repair. It's my only pain point but getting better. Yes I have matched armor but I find that my built sets are more consistent that relying on low-level 1-star legendary fluff. Yes, they break a lot. Again, SEASONS will give you the repair kits you need, and everything else, to storm almost anything in the game.
  • I have not yet even bothered with better criticals, cheaper criticals, chance to refill criticals, etc. I found it was safe to start using VATS around level 30, but have ignored crits build-up.


The result is that currently, I am back on the main quests, and also participating in the easier events (usually with two or more players from about level 100 to 250). I think my timing is good at mid-40s to jump into the easy events, I am the lowest-level player every time so far but am getting in the damage or doing the other event goals to help.

Everywhere I go that's "sane", I don't even have to bother with sneak right now, except for starting fights by picking things off. VATS is doing enough damage that I am basically (I am on PC…) Q-click,click, dead. Q-click,click,click, click, reload, click, dead. Q-click,click,click, reload, Q-click,click dead. And then of course I can snipe.

I am looking forward to running this build forward for a while before even contemplating switching to full-auto. This will only get better as I start investing in all the perks that improve Criticals.


I just wanted to put this here, for all the less-veteran Fallout newbs, or newbs from other games, who are hitting the difficulty wall somewhere between levels 30 and 200. I saw that enough on the forums, that when I started getting splattered all the time around level 30 I wondered… "oh damn". But PERK PACKS and SEASONS and building your own stuff all the time.

PERK-PACKS, PERK-PACKS, PERK-PACKS. For newbs, this is going to mean, SEASON, SEASON, SEASON. And also, build yourself nice guns and armor, by scooping up all the dirt-cheap plans for a while. You ain't end-game yet and you have to tend to yourself.

That is all! I hope it's not like the last 3 fallouts, where once you get a grip on the mechanics, you soon just start wandering the wasteland like a God, stomping shit everywhere in a game that's too easy. Peace all!

(Thx again to the Filthy Casual God who hooked me up with the Fixer plans, but it is just icing on the cake, because I am rocking enough and beginning to fly through levels, that I have to remind myself to Sneak. I just took the perk that resets me to hidden if I crouch again.)

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