High resolution 8K and 16K maps from IGN

fallout 8 - High resolution 8K and 16K maps from IGN

Hello guys ! A few days ago I was looking for a very high-resolution map of Appalachia, but I couldn't find anything.

I noticed IGN's interactive map used tiling – this is a technique used to split a map into multiple sets 256×256 images (tiles) in order to only load the necessary resolution for a particular zoom level. Think of it this way :

– Zoom level 0 is one single tile

– Zoom level 1 is a square of 2×2 tiles

– Zoom level 2 is a square of 4×4 tiles

– Zoom level 3 is a square of 8×8 tiles

– Zoom level 4 is a square of 16×16 tiles

– Zoom level 5 is a square of 32×32 tiles

– Zoom level 6 is a square of 64×64 tiles

– …

This means by getting all 4096 tiles from zoom level 6 and snapping them together I was able to recreate a 16384×16384 file of the map – and it looks pretty sweet. I also made a 8192×8192 version from zoom level 5 for those who think level 6 is a bit overkill. If you feel this is underkill however, feel free to request a 32768×32768 version 🙂

8192×8192 Map (Google Drive, 30MB)

16384×16384 Map (Google Drive, 120MB)

Don't ask me to remove the IGN watermark, I don't have the skills to do it (but please send a PM if you do)

Hope you enjoy this 🙂

Edit: credits to IGN for their interactive map !


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