Highly disappointed in fallout 76 graphics and combat

fallout 6 - Highly disappointed in fallout 76 graphics and combat

So I’m betting that in this fallout forum on reddit this post will be an unpopular opinion but I just wanted to be heard about this since I really like fallout a lot. Before I go into it just know that Fallout 4 has been one of my all time favorite games and I’ve dumped hundreds of hours into it.

But that being said, fallout 76 is graphically appalling. The character models are very buggy and highly recycled. Has anyone seen the dirt move on that giant mining rig you can activate? Like it’s probably one of the worst animated things in a game I’ve seen in a while. Some of the finer details on big buildings look so half assed or from the PlayStation 2 era of games.

The combat is terrible too, enemies will just stand there or snap all over the map, with their guns floating out of their hands while they run backwards away from me shooting to the left. It’s insane.

What I really hate are the unbalanced number of enemies that can come your way. Sometimes an endless amount of these scorched ghouls will just pour into a building or at me. like you just can’t kill enough of these guys. There has to be a whole civilization of just scorched people in fallout in unaware of hiding somewhere. In the bottom right half of the map they just wildly run around like id*ots while scorch beasts are super common too. Like is there anything else past the scorch beast or is that it? Cause that’s a super common enemy I see all the time and it kind of sucks. Like it’s good for one sky monster, now where are the other 4. And what is the deal with calling them the scorched? When you see their skin and you look at the timeline of where you are after the bombs, it would be rational to think “these people or creatures were mutated and scorched from the nuclear explosions” but nope it’s some stupid disease that makes them look like that. So where does the name even come from hah how are they scorched?

They’re like ghouls with the brain capacity to put on cloths, reload and use guns, and even speak. They minus well be raiders. Really just a dumb idea.

I also hate that it promotes free roam but if you roam into some areas you can expect a level 64 snallygaster to one hit you and then you can spend the next 10-20 minutes farming supplies to repair your gear again. No scaling for level. I actually just gave up on wearing armor all together cause at-least that way I can play the game a bit and move forward.

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There is literally almost no incentive to not die since you loose nothing but junk. But since you spend so fu*king long farming mainly two pieces of junk, if you haven’t dumped into your stash box your next 5 repairs worth of mats then dieing MIGHT be an slight inconvenience.

Pvp is an absolute joke and a half with just a bunch of eager greifers and tons of people who decided it was really beneficial to them and the game to take advantage of a glitch that makes them level 100. that just ruins my apatite for pvp knowing that there’s level 100+ people out the gate with everything ready to fu*k me up instantly. While they break the game and have supplies I can spend 95% of my time gathering for the battles and the other 5% dieing in said battles anyways.

Those same people who broke the game and got to level 100+ or something by cheating are probably lurking on this fallout forum advocating the game without realizing how they’re ruining it for others, diminishing the population and ruining it for themselves in turn.

I haven’t seen so many reported bugs in a game in such a long time. The number of things wrong with this game from design to coding tells me people will shortly migrate to another title. Like every day I hear about a new bug that’s occurring to multiple people. Literally almost every day I look into this game there’s a new bug.

And that update? 400 stash box size to 600? Yea that really fixed the issue!!! lol. I wonder what other fantastically useless things they thought needed attention or fixing like how they fixed that. Honestly I’ve basically used up almost all the room on my ssd for this game and every update is like another massive chunk of the game they should have just put in there to begin with. It’s not a patch it’s a whole piece of the game basically.

There aren’t even reusable in game models for items you pick up. Once I pick up an item in that game I can’t drop it with it’s model, I drop it in a paper bag. So if once I pick it up the object is just words, then I don’t understand why you can’t make the stash box infinite with stacking. I know it’s possible and it’s been done in other games so I’m not taking any bs on that one for an excuse they simply just designed the stash box poorly.

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This game is so unbalanced. So poorly crafted and slapped together, And so ambitious that I have to walk away from it because I can pick up halo3 and experience FAR better graphics and combat situations. I honestly believe there are just some die hard fans that will convince themselves it is a good game regardless of how many holes are in it. It was kind of fun playing with friends but even they all want to go do different things and their own quests and progress in their game. So while I enjoy playing with friends I have to play twice as much to get my stuff done too unless we are exactly at the same spot in the game which as you progress gets kind of rare. This game doesn’t capture the lore and doesn’t immerse me the way fallout 4 did and I was really really let down. Rant over.

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