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Document #: 16 Document Topic: Super Mutants Scientific Name: Superious Mutanitus

Personal Findings:

Super Mutants are a disgusting race of mutant humans that were supposed to be suoer soldiers that could survive nuclear war. These guys went wrong. They are disgusting monster that eat everything they see, wearing makeshift armor and using whatever weapons can fit in their big meaty fingers.

Lore and History:

The Appalachia Super Mutants were created shortly before the Great War, when West Tek contaminated the river water that ran through Huntersville with a strain of FEV as part of an experiment. From what I gathered in a few holocaust and notes, the government was helping West Tek to achieve the super mutants. They have green skin, highly developed musculature, and they are smart enough to build improvised armor from waste or scrap. They can occasionally build small fortresses or take entire buildings.

Super mutants have green skin, hyper-developed musculature and are a slightly larger size than humans. Due to the nature of FEV and its origins as the Pan-Immunity Virion Project, super mutants should be completely immune to the Scorched Plague. However, behemoths are still able to become infected. They possess great strength, which allows them to inflict serious damage with melee weapons, but strong protection can limit the damage done. Super mutants are carnivorous and hunt all kinds of creatures and animals, including humans, Scorched and large predators, to devour them or stock their meat to build up reserves. Many bags of meat are strewn about in the fortifications of super mutants or carried in their inventory.

About Super Mutants:


Super mutants live mostly in small, well-organized groups, often led by a much stronger super mutant. They often build armor made from scrap iron or rubbish that can provide some protection against attacks. They attack their opponents most often with rudimentary firearms like pipe pistols or more advanced weapons like rifles, shotguns or even missile launchers. Many super mutants fight with melee weapons or use explosives to attack from a distance. They can even weild miniguns with ease if they felt like it!

They have some ranks amongst themselves, such as butchers, overlords, masters, and gladiators. This type of society system is rather interesting to study, mostly due to the fact its strange how they were able to do it and get it effective withing a few years.

Anyway, this was all I could dig up and find. These guys are mean and green and mean business, so always stay alert or you'll be their next meal!

So remember dwellers, stay frosty out there in the wastelands. West your mask to keep safe at home and remainn6 feet apart in public. Don't forget to clean up door handles and make sure to stay healthy and happy. Keep your pipboys tuned in for the next document reading!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sincerely,



(P.S. sorry I missed the date I said I was gonna release this document, I had family over for Christmas and it was a whole ordeal. Got a lot of new shirts and records though. So my late Christmas gift to you all, is the gift of knowledge.

I've also adopted a new, more professional way of writing these documents, which may change later on)

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