Honest Confusion with Complaints

fallout 5 - Honest Confusion with Complaints

First and foremost it should be said that in Fallout 76 I primarily spend my time in one of four ways:

  1. Explore around and look through the setting
  2. Build neat things in camps and try to convince the character modeling to make non-hideous creatures
  3. Roleplay my character
  4. Playing in a team with my friends, likely also roleplaying as we do so

This is what I wanted to do; roleplay a person in the wasteland with my friends and new people and also shoot things — preferably whilst hidden from a distance, and occasionally whilst reciting lines from Saving Private Ryan. I'm a simple girl.

There is a lot of talk about how this game is unplayable for multiple reasons. I legitimately do not understand most of these reasons. I got why the awesome raiders/BoS/settlers groups had problems with so many screwed up weapons because they resolved the story through PvP and having weapons that wildly skew battles or janky VATS makes things uneven. I get why it is awful when someone comes in with a bunch of cheaty weapons and one-shots things that you were 1. pumped to fight and 2. didn't get a shot off on so now you're waiting, hoping someone else doesn't gank it. I get why it's bleh when you complete the Scoreboard and now you're sitting going "Oh yay I get to win this barren field of nothing…" and it's hard to motivate to want to play because there's not really anything you're progressing. All of that, I understand.

But, most of the issues don't seem to be about those things and that's honestly where my comprehension ends. I understand that you can't trade the new weapons, but it often comes in the context of weapons optimizations and builds. Are… there people who made builds pre-planning to optimize to weapons that are now untradable so they can't? Why can't weapons that aren't tradeable just become irrelevant if it's so hard and we pretend they don't exist — are they that much better than what's at hand?


Are people legitimately dying out there because they don't have access to their super optimal builds now that _______ has been nerfed to heck and back? If so, from what? What do build nerfs preclude you from being able to do in this game? I know that sounds like a dumb question but as someone who is strictly speaking the most okayest of players, I don't really have a problem going through any of the game content. My only oh-crap moment was when three players ditched midway through fighting Earle and simply not having the firepower or tanky-ness to take him down with the remaining person who didn't bail. Is it just a specific context that you can't handle? Is it the frustration of not being able to perform where you were before that just makes it so it's not fun at the other level?

What do people with super optimal builds do with their time that was making it worthwhile that is no longer relevant with sub-optimal builds? Is it a matter of just dying a lot (if so, to what) or is it the change of how long it takes? What was it that you could do that you no longer CAN do that is making things unplayable?

Again, I recognize there's a lot of different playstyles going on here for the value of things. That's cool. And I'm not saying anyone is wrong for valuing things differently in a game that I might value. But I honestly don't understand and I honestly DO want to understand, even if I may not agree with my own experience. No "Oh they're just being babies" please. It seems like legitimate complaints and frustrations. Thanks in advance for the explaination.

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