Honest Hearts is the best FNV DLC

fallout 3 - Honest Hearts is the best FNV DLC

I was reading through posts on FNV DLCs after finishing them all and someone said that some people like Honest Hearts but it’s never anyone’s number 1. Well, I am this person. It is my #1 FNV DLC. Buckle up cause it’s gonna be long and let me tell you why I choose it over others.

In general, I think that FNV DLCs are all over the place. I have an issue with that because I get involved into a singular setting: the Mojave wasteland. I am a cowboy courier all the way and I am loving it.

So, I am wandering, exploring, loving the atmosphere, listening to corny country songs and then I decide to try a DLC cause hey – I am sure there are so many more cool things in the Mojave right?

I decide to try Dead Money because it sounds so cool. I start the quest and I am suddenly up in some mountain in a casino hotel hacienda for rich folk and also it’s not really Fallout anymore but some survival horror with beeping collar.

Totally breaks the Mojave cowboy immersion type of thing for me so I power through to have the full experience, but I am super glad when it is over.

Don’t get me wrong the story behind it is super cool and I know some people value RPG and lore elements above all but… I am playing Fallout New Vegas. I know I am still in the general area when playing Dead Money, but it looks and feel so off I feel like I am playing a different game. It’s literally as if my Courier got teleported into a different dimension.

Speaking of which, I am disappointed but I try Old World Blues. Big mistake. I was literally teleported into some wacky sci-fi I don’t know what and I am hating it. I reload the save as soon as flying tv screens stop talking and feel happy I am back in my post-apocalyptic cowboy fantasy.

But hey, I need the full experience so I wander for a bit and decide to give it another try. I am sure the story is cool? And it is. I understand why people love it and I know it makes sense lore-wise but once again… it is so different than the regular game world that I once again feel as if I got teleported into another dimension.

I am kinda disappointed with the DLCs so far except for the fact that I have a room full of gold and cool weapons.


I try the Lonesome Road because what do I have to lose and… oh look the Mojave radio station is still playing so it can’t be bad right? Well, it’s not. It’s a great story but the issue is that the Divide is what… separated from the Mojave by some wanky wall?

Yet it is just a complete destruction, fog or smoke or whatever and creepy enemies that can be found only there. Once again, I understand the lore reasoning but I just don’t feel it’s organic.

I finally try Honest Hearts… last because it’s called Honest Hearts and other DLCs had way cooler names. Dead Money? Old World Blues? Lonesome Road? Honest Hearts is just so lame sounding but ok, I guess I gotta power through and do it… and B I N G O.

I am loving it from the get-go. Why? Because it feels the most organic. Sure, it’s not the Mojave but I can feel and see it is still part of the same world. I can totally imagine my courier travelling for some time and arriving in a different part of the wasteland.

I don’t feel as if I was thrusted into some wacky sci-fi moon surface thing or mountain horrorish out of place casino thing. I travelled and I am still in the same world that I was.

Also, I finally feel that I can freely wander and explore. I am not limited by a collar. I am not limited by bullet-sponge enemies spawning all the time or by the environment so ruined that I keep walking into walls because of all the rubble. I can just run freely and enjoy a beautiful place with a cool companion by my side.

Sure, the story is, well, kinda weak. Maybe not weak but just meh. I do love Joshua Graham though so there’s that. Also, the Father in the Cave. Come on, most satisfying ever to piece his story together.

I pack hours and hours into Honest Hearts just walking over everything only so that I don’t have to leave and I am genuinely sad when I finally do.

I do understand where people are coming from when they say they love all other DLCs. I just feel that Obsidian kinda failed at creating environments and mechanics that seemed connected to the base game world. To me it was like Mothership Zeta all over again and let me tell you… I did not like it one bit.

So, that’s that on that. Fight me or don’t, Honest Hearts rules.

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