Honestly, after the treasure hunter event, I understand why duping is such a large issue in this game.

fallout 8 - Honestly, after the treasure hunter event, I understand why duping is such a large issue in this game.

Do I agree with it? No. But I understand why duping is such a problem. I spent hours upon hours upon hours running the same route over and over again in hopes for really cool unique plans. Instead I got a metric fuck ton of plans I already had and never cared for. That’s not fun, at all.

I seriously want to know what the devs thought process is by coming to the conclusion that having a 0.71% is a good and fun idea. No bullshit, I actually want to know. The solution to this whole duping fiasco seems so easy, increase the drop rate to make it significantly easier to attain these items, then there’s no reason to dupe it. People will also be happier and not feel like they’ve wasted time. I won’t even begin to understand game design, but I mean why waste resources and time to create cool unique assets, then tack on rng so terrible, that literally no one will see it? That backpack in particular, if it were me that made that asset I would’ve wanted everyone to see that. That was really cool! Instead, all anyone will see now is the occasional plan being sold on another site for incredibly stupid prices. (Seriously, go look. It’s already ridiculous.)


I genuinely think that no one on the team actually plays this game. I really believe that now. Because if they were playing, there’s no way they would’ve thought a grind like that would be considered fun. I like the idea of the treasure hunter event, I really do, but it was executed very poorly. I learned my lesson though, I got stuck on that grind and didn’t quit, and came out empty handed. Now I know to be more hesitant about these events going forward. I know there will be a lot of these posts for awhile, so downvote away, I don’t care. But I’m just mentally exhausted from this and I just had to vent my thoughts.

Edit: Hey everyone, I wanted to add this tidbit since I wasn’t expecting this to blow up like it did, in case anyone from Bethesda happens to read this.

I wrote this originally at 330am when I was exhausted and severely frustrated. Rereading it, I feel bad that it came off as hateful as it did. I got sucked into this event and was in a bad headspace. Look, I love fallout, I love Bethesda, and I do love this game. And I’m sure you guys do too. It just seems that you’re making the solutions much harder than they need to be with somethings. If you’d raise drop rates on everything, and even bring back “legacy” weapons, the duping problem would probably fix itself in time. There’s be no reason for them to do it if everyone can get them easier. Let it be the wild west for a little bit and see what happens. Forget about trying to balance for a sec. What do you have to lose?

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