Hot take: The outer worlds looks great because it is something different

fallout 2 - Hot take: The outer worlds looks great because it is something different

First and foremost, I like rpgs but I'm not a big, deep rpg person, though I feel like this has more to do with atmosphere and setting than anything. E.G. I love wasteland 2 but I can sometimes struggle to get into divinity (though i do like that one) . And I'm not saying anything about the game, just my opinion on why it looks so good.

But when I first saw the Obisidian trailer using things like "from the creators of the original fallout" and things along those lines, i was worried that they were riding the coat tails of their arguably biggest success from an (again arguably) long time ago. And this worried me because I didn't want their new game to be in the shadows of fallout and most of the big influencers of new vegas and the original fallouts are no longer at obsidian too so whilst the statements are technically true, they're not really the same creators as they are claiming.

But I was thrilled to see what they had announced. This looks like a great truly sci-fi rpg. Set on another world with sci-fi themes of a menancing corporation abandoning those who were sent to colonise said world. It has first person combat, 3D worlds and great exploration.

But what stuck out to me is how different it is. The first comparison i made was borderlands. A sci fi shooter on another world with a lot of comedy. And honestly, a true rpg in that setting is going to be fantastic. So not saying anything on quality until we have reviews etc… but I think it is great and eye catching that not only do we have a new truly 3d rpg, but we have an rpg set in a rarely touched setting!

Outside of mass effect, most sci-fi rpgs tend to be post-apocalpytic earth (thanks to fallout) or large expansive games like the X series. And I am so glad they went the comedic route because it seems to fit so well to have an outlandish experience know what itself is.

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Hopefully this can stop the comparisons between Bethesda and Obsidian and let them take their different paths finally and have obsidian be more known for their own IPs and not "those guys who did new vegas and some other top down stuff" which sometimes feels like their most common label.

TLDR: Outer Worlds looks great because it is a new 3D rpg and ip with a breathtakingly fresh new setting. Love the comedy.

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