How adding actual towns with people could Fallout 76 better

fallout 2 - How adding actual towns with people could Fallout 76 better

Fallout 76 was a new direction on a classic game. Unlike its previous installments its online. There is also no cities with people. Yeah ok so theres real people but the world is so big that you dont always come across them. There are also vendors but they are mostly protectrons and Graham the friendly super mutant. There arent many vendors as ive seen so far. So if they add a city with many people who are vendors and just normal people. Now obviously there is always that one guy with the name Xxn00bK1ll3rxX killing everything and everyone in sight. So hes probably gonna kill the entire town, but the devs could the townspeople non-attackable. Ive seen one Mr. Handy called pharmabot and he was friendly. I tried shooting him and he could not die. So they could do that. The devs could also disable weapons in the city. That way no one dies. Now the devs could also make the city area non-nukeable. If the city is inside the nuke blast radius then you cant deploy the nuke. Setting up camp would also be disabled in the city. Also as an extra just add NPCs wandering around the wasteland that are not vendors or important in anyway. That way you could still have fun killing them. Btw im level 33


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