How Did The Free States End In Appalachia

fallout 4 - How Did The Free States End In Appalachia

I don't have a nice solid timeline to give you, instead I have some notes and questions I would like to bring up in the small hope that the missing clue is out there somewhere. This is going to involve notes from Hank Madigan, Ella Ames' Bunker, Raleigh's Bunker, and Abbie's Bunker – and the goal is to piece them together for a better understanding of at least what went down, if not when.

My big question – When did Niraj Singh die? This is what got me looking into things more, since it would be the leading clue to finding out how long Abbie stayed in her bunker before leaving. There are some notes and a holotape at Ella's Bunker about Niraj being diagnosed with Parkinsons, and he mentions having a plan about how he wants to go out. This could have been at any point during or after 2087 though, and doesn't actually give any real information about his plan or death(that I've been able to figure out).

At Raleigh's Bunker you can listen to a holotape of a visit/questioning of Hank Madigan, in which Raleigh mentions the Brotherhood tech they found at one of their old outposts and how they worked it into a Lure that grounds Scorchbeasts. Fort Defiance fell on August 18th and Thunder Mountain on August 19th, so Madigan's visit should have been at least in 2096, but that's not solid. Raleigh mentions that if Madigan wants in on the project, he has some serious trust to earn as ex-Brotherhood.


In Madigan's message that you hear upon returning to Charleston Fire Department after completing the Fire Breather Exam, he says he found something and not to say how he got it – the Uplink which Abbie says during her questline that they gave to Madigan to install at the Top Of The World. His message requesting backup was never received, and since he had been MIA when the Operation at Big Bend occurred there's a high likelihood that he left that message as Morgantown Airport fell to Scorchbeasts.

So Raleigh, Niraj and Abbie were all around at the end of 2096 – what happened next? I seriously don't know. There are Scorchbeast Lures all across Appalachia(even in the Toxic Valley) and the Relay Towers have been fitted to work with the Scorched Detection System – the Event at the Towers even has Niraj's voice programmed into Rover the Eyebot. When Abbie talks about starting work on the Scorched Detection System again, she notes that it's been a year since her father and everyone passed away, and how they gave their lives to try and complete the SDS. So did they spend their last days running across Appalachia installing the SDS so that the only thing remaining was installing the Uplink?

I may try to visit all the different Relay Terminals to check for any notes, maybe there's one left behind by Niraj or Raleigh giving another clue. Maybe the clues are there and I just haven't put them together. Either way, that's where I'm left trying to piece together what happened to the last of the Free States.

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