How I believe Fallout 76 could be saved.

fallout 8 - How I believe Fallout 76 could be saved.

So I'm a massive Fallout fan, been playing for over 10 years now and have sunk more time and energy in those games than almost any other series. So I feel like I understand what does and doesn't work in Fallout and what people enjoy. Heres some of my thoughts:

  1. Remove PvP entirely from the main game. From a lore standpoint it doesn't make much sense. We are all inhabitants of Vault 76 and have spent the last couple of decades living together, having children together, and being neighbors. We were a great vault that didn't result in any tragedy. So why are we suddenly wanting to kill each other on the outside. Factions, have no bearing, so that can't be the case. Have the main servers and game be Co-Op, we work together to survive, maybe even recruit NPCs to man stores and get supplies, set up trade routes etc. with a radio beacon like in Fallout 4. Real player could also hear it and come to the camp to get supplies or sell items and the like. We can have a separate server for all out war and that's fine. Maybe even one that is faction based. Which brings me to my next idea.
  2. Faction based world. Let people choose what faction to join. Then each faction has a headquarters, Enclave at Whitesprings, Brotherhood at Fort Defiance, etc. Each faction could have a weekly or monthly goal to build a massive weapon for an end of the week/month event to claim ownership of Appalachia. Building each of those requires different sets of scrap, for example the Brotherhood tries to build a Liberty Prime like weapon, so you need steel, mini nukes, screws, etc. Enclave is trying to build a death laser, so they need fiber optics, crystal, etc. Free States are trying to sabotage the progress so they build throwing knives, EMPs etc, and use the appropriate materials. That way you can choose a faction, and each one gives you a different experience. It would allow us to put the tons of scrap we get to be useful and part of a bigger event. An all out assault, a tactical assault, a stealth mission, a rescue mission, etc. Just some variety and a change of pace.
  3. Get rid of the Survival Elements and other annoyances. We aren't playing this because we like MMOs, we are playing because we like Fallout. We are still playing because we love Fallout. We don't want to give up, but at times it feels less like a game and more like a chore. There usually becomes a point where I have to stock up no food and water to be able to travel for any length of time. In that moment, I am not doing anything but sitting in my camp cooking. That's not what I want to do. I want to explore, I want to see the lore and experience the story. But I can't because I have to eat and drink constantly. Then I do get to some lore, I'm often to worried to read it or listen closely, because lord knows when a new enemy will show up and attack or someone else will arrive at my location to respawn everything. I honestly know most of the story from reading what other people discuss or have posted. Additionally, the chore of killing enemies isn't fun. After the nerfs, the TSE are useless, so now I rock my shotgun which still takes a number of hits to finish off enemies. Deathclaws and Scorchbeasts are pretty much unstoppable on my own. In Fallout 4 I rocked the Spray N Pray because it made quick work of everything. I could explore and feel like the badass my high level character is. Now I spend dozens of rounds on Scorched that are half my level.
  4. Let us play Fallout. That's really all most of us are asking for, we love Fallout. We want to play a new Fallout with our friends. Don't make this something its not. If I'm not mistaken then Elder Scrolls Online games are basically multiplayer Elder Scroll games and not drastic redesigns of the whole series. (I'm not 100% sure as I have barely played Elder Scrolls regular or Online. So please correct me if I'm wrong.) Even a world that functions like the newest Forza, you can see the ghosts of others and team or compete if you choose, would be fine. The world and story in Fallout 76 are so cool and I would love to be able to freely and easily explore them. Not have to do a dozen other things that make exploring or playing the game come last to chores.

Let me know what y'all think. Are these good ideas or bad?

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