How I farm stimpacks.

fallout 3 - How I farm stimpacks.

This has probably been discussed as it’s own post, and I know I have covered this in comment sections of posts, but for ease of searching I will post my method to farm and acquire large amount of stim packs. I also posted this on another sub, but figured I would also post it here.

To make the most of this method you need to have the recipe for stim packs (available as a reward, or for purchase from the enclave bunker), the perk card chemist, and the perk card super duper. Butchers bounty rank 3 also helps.

The stimpack recipe is 2 antiseptics, 1 blood pack, and 1 steel. Antiseptic can be acquired by scraping tick blood sacs, the various forms of abraxo cleaner, turpentine, and industrial solvent. While I have not found a location with large amounts of antiseptic there are a few location I go to frequently to acquire it. One is fort defiance which also happens to have a lot of other farming materials such as straight jackets (~41 caps each with charisma 4 and hard bargain rank 3), aluminum (surgical trays) and ballistic fiber. There is also 3 boxes of abraxo near one of the cars next to the locked rooms near the Whitespring club house. I also grab the abraxo cleaner and the turpentine in the Morgantown high school cafeteria when I do plastic runs.

For blood packs I always buy them when I see them available at vendors (~40 caps per with hard bargain 3). I also farm the moonshiners shack and the lumbermill near by for ticks. They give tick blood (this is where butchers bounty is good to search the bodies for more tick blood) and also the empty blood sacs that give I believe 1 antiseptic. I can usually walk away with 6-10 blood sacks from those 2 locations. You have to be careful not to let them hit you, if they hit you multiple times and turn red they will explode and not drop anything. It takes 1 antiseptic, 2 tick bloods, and I believe 1 more material to produce 1 blood pack. There is also a location in I believe the mire that spawns a decent amount of ticks but I do not remember where it is.

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If you add in chemist it allows you to double the chems made from the same amount of materials, and super duper allows you the chance to gain 1 more per craft. So with chemist you get 2 blood packs per 2 tick bloods, and them 2 stimpacks per 1 blood pack. So each tick blood run I end up with 10-20 stimpacks (if my math is correct I have never actually counted them) for about 10 minutes work and a few antiseptics.

If you dilute them like I do (so I can spam them in the middle of a fight) you get 4 diluted stimpacks per 1 regular stimpack with the chemist perk. Diluting then I believe is 2 purified water and 1 stimpack. So with a few industrial purifiers it is easy to craft large amounts of diluted chems for little effort.

I have also read that it is easy to craft healing salves from materials in the forest, although I have never done that. They do heal the same amount as diluted stimspacks.

I also run pharma phama rank 3, giving me large quantities of all chems. If you are low level I recommend ranking up pharma phama early in your game.

That is how I acquire large amounts of stimpacks. In one play session it is not uncommon for me to craft 50+ stimpacks in one play session (if you give the moonshiners shack like 30-40 minutes to “cool down” you can harvest the ticks multiple times in a play session. Although I have found the more I farm a place for mobs on a server the less materials I am able to get from them)

Chemist works for all chems, so you can use it for RadAway also. Most chem recipes are available in the enclave medical wing after you first gain access to the bunker.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention by u/re-bobber that taking workshops in another good source for stimpacks. I can not verify how many can be acquired, because I do not take over many workshops. This can also be a good way to earn plans.

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Edit: I believe that empty blood packs also give antiseptic. Will need to verify this

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