How I think the future of the Fallout wasteland concludes

fallout 2 - How I think the future of the Fallout wasteland concludes

In 2312 the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR finally join forces to become a one big giant group and set out to liberate the entirety of the United States. This giant group consists as the NCR being the main government and the Brotherhood being it's army patrol and with that mixture caused the most powerful faction in the entire wasteland.

By some 50 or so years the entirety of the country is liberated with a few raiders and miscellaneous persons here and there causing havoc. The country is now under NCR and BOS control and almost immediately begin to rebuild the country.

By 2400s the main European countries including Britain and the USSR align together and come forward to the US to help rebuild the country and begin an alliance called A.G.E. (Alliance of the Great Empires).

Some couple of years later and the US is almost completely habitable with very few remains of radiation. This allows the country to be free of the radioactive dangers that lurk the world.

Due to the Great war, the population of the world is low enough for major resources to not be much of a problem due to consumption, and so the country begins to rebuild and becomes a superstate once again.


China rebuilds itself by 2500 and stood no chance to what America and A.G.E. we're doing and as so they surrendered and formed a democratic republic much like America and so the world is finally at peace.

By 2534 a memorial for the 5 greatest heroes of the wasteland are risen in Washington DC to show their heroism towards the Great state, they include: The Vault Dweller – for defeating the Master and his Super Mutant Army, The Chosen One – For defeating the Enclave and destroying their oil rig hub, The Lone Wanderer – for restoring clean water to the capital and eventually to the country, The Courier – for defeating Caesar and help make the NCR and BOS alliance, and the Sole Survivor – for destroying the institute and liberating the commonwealth with BOS.

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I hope at least this is the outcome

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