How I’m playing my latest run at fallout4 survival (modded)

fallout 4 - How I’m playing my latest run at fallout4 survival (modded)

I don’t know how many of you vault dwellers add to the story with your own code of ethics and backstory but if you’re bored and wanting to read my post I’ll share mine and who knows, start some kind of conversation. Here we go!

My character’s name is jay, a decorated war hero (as per fraternal post 112 I believe. One of the terminals discuses my character needing to be the next guest to attract more donations) so I have modded my play-through with make any weapon legendary. Since my character retired he started off chubby and by the time he visits diamond city he has lost weight because of the harsh conditions of the wasteland.

Jay has high charisma and perception due to my vanity and taking of a SPECIAL test online. Lol.

Jay has an extensive knowledge of building settlements only because of his need to scout locations and use the local resources for raw material (one example is using cement in starlight drive in due to its proximity to the quarry. IF!!!…I wish to use cement I must send a supply line to settlements around quarries.) and so I use the create anything mod on the chemistry station and use a supply beacon grenade and use said resource.

I also granted jay with “the sight” as mama Murphy puts it. Here’s how I say it unfolds anytime I may be in a dangerous situations. I go to sleep and dream the future. After having saved after napping I go into the dangerous situation knowing it is a dream about the future. I use all the info in the dream to come up with a better plan of action to complete my mission. It manifested after exiting the vault due to the rads touching clean dna (think ghoul 2.0, and since synths are made from my sons DNA I am rads resistant and can even heal my wounds with rads. This has taken its toll physically. My eyes have gone from black to cloudy blue and in the right light I look like I’m blind. But it’s the sight that guides me as my eyesight begins to fade. Sometimes I use my intelligence and raid a raider hideout to use their chem station and make berry mentats.


My actions have caused a lot of beneficial perks due to my high charisma and spooky sixth sense of where everything is. I can talk down humans and some animals to not attack me. I am still practicing at giving animals commands but I have a feeling after visiting the glowing sea, atom will give me his blessing to become the strongest leader in the commonwealth and usher in a new age for the minutemen as their general.

For now, I’m friends with the brotherhood, learning all I can from them and using their resources. I also hear that the institute has tech that could help me change my engagement tactics from sniper/stealth to infiltrator/stealth with the use of beacon grenades that spawn all sorts legendary creatures. Who knows, maybe the gunners from Quincy will know my wrath with a few legendary deathclaws. I think I’ll call these grenades “pokeballs” lol.

There is so much more I want to add but I’m at work. Please share your thoughts, questions, concerns. As well as your own back story! What’s makes YOU special 😀

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