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How is the 0kb bug possible or acceptable in this day and age?

fallout 4 - How is the 0kb bug possible or acceptable in this day and age?

For those of you who don't know, the 0kb bug is a common PS4 issue that removes your ability to save the game until fixed. It's primarily caused by Creation Club content.

The "fix" procedure is as follows as detailed by reddit user WebShaman, warning, its fucking long:

"This is the infamous 0 kb error.

It is caused by corrupt data – either in dled CC, mods, or rarely, too many saves going over the memory limit.

With CC, you can't just "delete" it – you have to totally deinstall FO4.

First save ALL your FO4 saves to cloud and/or USB (external storage).

Now delete the ENTIRE save folder for FO4.

Then you need to power-cycle your PS4 and clear the Cache (rebuild db).

You do this by powering down the PS4, unplugging the power cord for at least 10 minutes and then plugging it back in.

Press and hold the main power switch on the PS4 until it beeps TWICE

You will then have to connect a PS4 controller per USB and then select "rebuild database" as an option.

The PS4 will reboot, then rebuild the db, with a clean Cache and a clean Save.


Test your FO4 new install by creating a new character and do Sanctuary. Save. Do stuff, save again. Test the fucking shit out of it!

If the problem is gone, congrats, you have a stable install of FO4.

Delete your save folder.

Powercycle your PS4, clear the Cache, and rebuild db.

Now install your Add Ons ONE AT A TIME in the order from the last one on the list up to the first.

After doing and installing each one powercycle PS4, clear Cache, rebuild db.

Test ingame.

If everything works, congrats, you have a stable FO4 install w/add ons.

Load the save that you were having problems with and see if it will let you save in it. Note that that save is probably hopelessly corrupted and will eventually cause the 0 kb error again.

For EACH and every mod and CC item installed, you will need to powercycle your PS4, clear the Cache, and rebuild the db!

If you do not do this, you WILL bork your FO4 install.



Also, keep your saves to a minimum (either move them regularly to external storage and then delete all but the current one, or just permanently keep a maximum of three, deleting others).


They are know to cause corruption.

Instead, load manually and select your newest save.

Periodically powercycle your PS4, clear the Cache, and rebuild the db. Do this in accordance with usage.

Since adopting these instructions, I haven't had the 0 kb bug since.

Also, no corrupted saves (my current character is level 79).

I struggled with this error, along with many for a long time.

Patient souls on the Beth forum for PS4 Help "discovered" these methods for dealing with the 0 kb bug.

They work.

Now comes the bad part – CC is a really nasty risk to install. This is because one cannot reinstall it w/o deleting the entire FO4 install.

That means if it becomes corrupt during filing it, OR during it's installation, the FO4 install is borked!

Thus, it is recommended to only install that CC that you really, really want to use ingame.

Also, due to hardware limitations of the PS4, there are 2 moments in FO4 where you want to avoid having CC and/or mods active – the beginning and after one leaves Vault 81.

These times hit the PS4 hardware hard, as many variables and other things are being processed and loaded. As such, it is very possible for the PS4 hardware to get "overloaded" at these times, resulting in corruption.

It is recommended to first leave the Vault, do Sanctuary, and then activate CC and/or mods."

That process is fucking ABSURD.

Why has Bethesda not acknowledged or fixed this and can we possibly get a signal boost. I just spent 3 hours fixing my nephew's Fallout file AND he can't even use the Quakecon shit that was just bought for him due to fear of it happening again.

I don't know what I expected from the company that released 76 but jesus christ I think I'm gonna personally blacklist Bethesda

P.S. This is with a whopping 0 mods installed, everything was Bethesda approved DLC

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    Dec 03, 2020 9:48 pm

    Hey just as something extra as a small fix. Always keep two to three saves max, TURN OFF AUTO SAVE! If it gives you the 0mg space error code quit out, Delete the most recent save just you
    see, then manually load the most recent save before before the error.

    You can generally continue on just fine from that point, just always cycle 3 saves, always overwriting the oldest save each time. Save frequently, like every 10min or after doing anything game altering like crafting.

    You can use Quick save for breif checkpoints, like minor quest progress or character/world changes. I found overtime the more things you do in the game between saves the more likely you are to encounter this glitch. So if for example you turn in a quest involving a fair amount of dialogue, then go craft a armor piece it could very well be too much an lead to a 0kb save error.

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