How simple survival mode grinding turned into absolute PvP chaos. (Story)

fallout 76 discussion and inform - How simple survival mode grinding turned into absolute PvP chaos. (Story)

I like Survival a lot. And before I go any further, I'd like to say this isn't a complaint topic. On the contrary, I found what happened to be pretty hilarious and entertaining, for me at least.

Other than normal PvP, one of the reasons I dive into Survival is for that +20 XP boost. Usually I'd log in and do a route through Harper's Ferry and The Burrows. The problem here is that this route racks me up enough points for me to get onto the leaderboard. Now this normally doesn't bother me at all, but after a run like that I'm normally loaded with junk and other aid items that I'd rather not lose.

The solution I came up with was making an indestructible basement at my CAMP via foundation. I'll go right ahead and say that this was NOT done via any glitching, bugs, etc. All it took was uneven terrain and lots of time placing and adjusting things.

The CAMP itself is a just a neat little one floor home up top with the safe area down in the basement, accessible through a half floor slot I can remove and block at will.

Back to the story. I teleport home after clearing out the Burrows, sure enough I'm number 2 on the leaderboard. As soon as I spawn in my CAMP, I'm dumbfounded at the sight of 2 f*cking Scorchedbeasts circling my house. I'm not as much worried at my place getting wrecked as I was confused as why they'd been there in the first place. I run inside and bring up the map. Sure enough, I'd left my Vending Machine on (which I usually attach to a switch in order to turn on or off the travel point) and I noticed another player's CAMP not too far away. I assumed someone had been a bit of a wiseguy and kited them over somehow to wreck my CAMP. I decided to go up top and take care of the beasts for a bit more XP. Amidst battling the beasts, I notice the familiar tan blip on my radar. Someone was nearby. I hastily finished the beasts off as I eyed the blip, running back into the house after both were killed.

I go downstairs, drop my junk into the stash and go through my pipboy. I then hear my front door open, which is right above from where I'm standing. I say 'what the hell' and head upstairs to confront the intruder. I already dropped my loot into the stash and leveled up so I really had nothing to lose if I got killed. After all, they'd gone through quite a bit of effort to get at me.

As I climb back up to the surface from the entrance in the bedroom, I turn to the hallway and I see one guy just barely getting into cloaking in the far corner. I rush over and quickly melt him with my Plasma Flamer. I figure he'd be back so I closed the door and waited for him to return.

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As soon as the door opened, I melt him once again with the flamer. However, this time the guy had a buddy. His friend shot at me from the window right next to the open door and luckily Serendipity procced enough to save me as I turned the flamer towards the window and killed her as well. I immediately turn as I hear the door to my inner garden open up. A guy in Power Armor had scaled my walls with presumably a jetpack and began winding up a Gatling Gun. Luckily, lack of Legendary PA pieces meant he was even easier to deal with than the other 2.

Now I'd just wiped out their little trio, but for some reason my mentality had shifted. I didn't want these 3 to have the satisfaction of killing me. I make a beeline for the basement and seal off the entrance. I'm safe.


It's then I received those little warnings that a grenade had been thrown my way. I'm not worried, as I'm quite safe where I am. Explosions rattle above me, my house surely getting torn to absolute shreds. Once again, I'm not really bothered. My stash box was nearing it's limit and repairing my CAMP a few times would actually help in the long run. After being classy and throwing out a few vomit emotes, I decided to spend some time crafting some ammo, fixing some armor and weapons all to the soundtrack of my house getting obliterated above me.

A few minutes pass and the explosions and gunfire had stopped. I hear footsteps above me, indicating this group was REALLY keen on finding me.

I crouch and go into workshop mode. I select a floorboard above me and hit edit to scroll over and preview the steel net flooring. This allowed me to see what was above me without actually putting myself at risk due to the change being unperceived to other players unless I actually changed the flooring. It was then I felt a bit evil.

As soon as they were grouped up enough above me, I went ahead and swapped the floors. The steel grated flooring is able to be shot through. Two of the poor guys were melted from below, none the wiser as the third had jumped away. I swapped to my rifle and quickly shot them down. After killing the group a second time, I run to my CAMP module and hit repair.

What happened for the next half hour and up consisted of me crafting while this group desperately tried to find me. I occasionally did the floor board trick again, killing them, but they just kept coming back. I racked up 15 kills.

After a while longer, I barely had the mats left to repair my house anymore. I spied on them from below and noticed they were in battle with someone else outside. Their bodies fell from the rooves and another group of players rushed in. However, it seems they were not allied as it quickly became a free for all.

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This got me thinking yet again. I check the leaderboard and noticed I was now #1. I thought it was a shame I couldn't safely get back upstairs to fix the Vendor to renew the fast Travel point. My CAMP had turned into a real warzone in the time since. I then realized I was able to make a second Vendor in the basement, this one safe from destruction. I go ahead and craft one, load up a single item and wait until I hear even more gunfire and explosions above me.

Sitting at the top of leaderboard with a fast Travel point on me meant my CAMP had turned into quite the PvP hotspot. I kick back with a beer and watch as nearly half the server is going to war right above me as my character just sat and played the tuba.

The whole affair ended with one of the players from the original trio berating me on Area Chat with all sorts of name calling and anger. I merely laughed and thanked him for the show as he grumbled about sending more Scorched to my camp while he and his friends finally leave. A while later, just as he promised, another Scorchedbeast flew overhead. But this time with nothing left to destroy.

Was it a bit dirty what I did? Probably. But hey, I certainly didn't start it!


Edit: Pic was taken at the very end of the event. I'd dropped down to #2 as I'm assuming someone up top was racking up most of the kills. Had to swap to Hazmat suit since Rads was really the only thing capable of penetrating the foundation and flooring and that Scorchedbeast kept gassing me.

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