How the Covenant quest could have been.

fallout 4 - How the Covenant quest could have been.

I have recently played again through this quest and i found out why i hated it completly last time i touched it.

There is no good ending even tho the circumstances could justify keeping covenant as a settlement and destroy the Compound, or at least promise them that you will destroy the institute. Instead bethesda decided to make a stupid choice between life and death for a settlement instead of a bigger quest that would justify those endings

I have a lot of ideas for choices that would not make Covenant hostile and they could of worked

  1. Tell Covenent that you will protect them from the institute if you are member of a faction like BoS or as General of the Minutemen.

  2. Promise or tell the Compound and Covenant that you will destroy the institute after you managed to get in for the first time. And if you already destroyed it, tell them that they have nothing to fear anymore,or the word reached them already that you were the one that destroyed it,in that case you cant plant your flag there.

  3. Lie, and put that high charisma to work. Promise them that you have a better test and also tell them to cut the connections with the Compound for their own good (the test obviously doesnt work and synths can live among them without them knowing)

  4. This could go 2 ways :


-(After you killed everyone in the Compound) Explain them through a very hard speech check how barbaric the test were and that you had to kill them for the sake of everyone that is not a synth. They keep the test and you tell them that the test is good enough and make them promise that all the synths detected will be just forced to leave and not captured and killed because some of them might just be a human being.

-(After you killed everyone at the Compound) If you are with the Railroad, you tell them how delusional the Covenant people are and an agent like Glory, or Deacon (for intimidation,this will lower the speech check to normal speech check pass) will assist you to tell them and that the Railroad will keep the synths out of the place and if they find one, to make sure to contact them (with the help of a new,cslightly changed stupid SAFE test made by RR). You with the agent will convince them that they:

* will collaborate with everyone at the compound even if they are dead

* tell them the truth (that you killed them) and convince them that the new SAFE test is better (this will remain a harder speech check)

The Compound will become avalabile as the Mercer Safehouse and some of the Railroad agents will move there (this place will be unlocked as a workshop/player home or just for the quest) and every "synth" detected by Covenant will go through there.

in what ways you think you could of convinced Covenant to join you ?

Thanks for reading this mess, i look forward to read your opinions.

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