How this community invented an imaginary nerf to stealth.

fallout 8 - How this community invented an imaginary nerf to stealth.

So after yesterdays patch everyone has been eager to point out all of the "stealth" nerfs Bethesda wickedly put into the game without telling anyone. For anyone with half a functioning brain most of these were easily disprovable BS i.e. "They put a timer on world hopping!" when, no… just taking five minutes to test it out proved you could world hop just as easily as ever… and yet people are STILL posting threads about how world hopping got nerfed.

But I'm not going to focus on world hopping, I'm going to focus on something so much more stupid than that which exemplifies just how much people overreact and reinforce the spread of misinformation.

You see yesterday someone thought it would be a wonderful idea to start a list of all the nerfs Bethesda had added in with the patch without telling anyone. One of these listed nerfs got a lot of attention and pissed a lot of people off because they'd been building their characters and picking their perks based around it. This was a nerf to Stealth.

Right now some of you are going "Ohhhhhhh…" but for those who haven't caught on let me spell it out. People were complaining about stealth nerfs… and then suddenly you had people complaining about Stealth being nerfed… stealth nerfs… Stealth nerfed.

Yes. Instead of the Stealth ability or perks getting nerfed someone saw people complaining about "stealth nerfs" and over reacted and started complaining about Stealth being nerfed. And then someone else saw that post and complained about how much it would suck for them to nerf Stealth. And then someone else said their stealth doesn't FEEL as good as before the patch. And then someone else agrees that stealth doesn't FEEL like it's working as well and on and on and on and on until congratulations, you've just invented and widely publicized a nerf that doesn't actually exist.

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