How to be a good trader. I will give you some insight on how to make customers come to your shop often.

fallout 8 - How to be a good trader. I will give you some insight on how to make customers come to your shop often.

As a trader, remember these rules of thumb.

  1. The lower the price, the faster it sells. The faster it sells, the more space you have to restock and get money coming in.

  2. Make your shop area easily accessable. Don't put it in a hill. Make it your main pride and joy of your camp. Players love it when other players show them some love. Get them out of the rain and near a warm fire place. I've gotten lots of comments and they explored my camp.

  3. Think of the location before placing your shop. Will it be a place for customers to come to. Is it near an area that they will do stuff nearby. Plan before you drop that C.A.M.P.

  4. Put yourself in your customers shoes/boots. Look around your camp and see it your place has a good flow and that items are within reach. That stash box is pretty handy when you are at a vending machine to check and see if you already have the comic of Grognak the Barbarian 9 or that Bobblehead of Luck.

  5. Ask customers when they come to your camp, if you are there. Learn from them and figure out how you can make your place better. I ask customers and they tell me that they would enjoy seeing this or that. I put it down and it makes them come back for more stuff.

  6. Don't log off when a customer is at your Camp. Wait until they are gone. They might be wanting something you are selling and it could be the big ka-ching in your pocket.

🤑Players go for these mostly🤑

Bobbleheads and Magazines for the future display or for challenges

Plans/Recipes (lower the level of the player, the more plans they buy. I sell mine for 20%-50% of it's value. But if you know it's rare, sell it higher around %75 to %200. Someone is bound to get them. Be patient.)

Legendary gear – ⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐ get bought more, don't sell ⭐ items. Put the ⭐ in the legendary vending machine. Repeat the cycle over and over again.)

Items for quest – catch those frogs and make items for players but not to the point where they have to craft it.

Stimpaks, Radaway, and Rad-x (keep these low in price but also don't dilute them.)


Popular serums (learn marsupial or healing factor. Those are big in the community.)

🤑Not so popular but can still be sold🤑

Drugs (make them around 5 caps and up

Ammo (get rid of excess ammo you don't need but keep the prices for each round high enough to make profit. 2 caps or more.)

Misc items (no one is looking for those items that much unless it's ore but then again you should smelt it and then bulk junk you don't need.)

Junk (bulk items sell better if a price you would be willing to buy from their point of view. Loose items can be sd but keep it 2 caps and above.)

Hard to find craftable gear or gear that's unique (that dragon will sell more than that black powder rifle, Tesla rifle sells more than plasma and laser, heavy weapons like the .50 Cal and .308 machine guns are an eye catcher. Just make sure you repair and modify it fully to increase value)

Rare food items (these are hard to come by. Sell the ones that you know people will need.)

Aid items for healing (they don't sell much but keep the price low. If you don't see them sell, then sell it at a vendors to make profit and more room for stuff.)

Apparel (someone wants to dress up but not if its a common item)

Everything that's said here is based in my studies and observations. I have found this trend to work out correctly for me.

I do hope this helps out. If you have any questions let me know.

(Disclaimer: If a negative comment is made on this post, a negative response will be issued to you. Think like a civil individual and not a barbaric one. Suggestions are acceptable and willing to take in consideration. We help each other, not tear each other apart. Be a good business man just like the Vault-tec salesman)

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