How to change PvP to the good, for everyone.

fallout 3 - How to change PvP to the good, for everyone.

Hello, I'm playing FO76 PvP since BETA and really saw its ups and downs. And this is literally the most down point we've ever had I know posts like this get uploaded on a daily basis but I think they always forget somethings. Please read this no matter if you like to pvp or not, since it's also solving griefing.

I tried myself multiple hours to make this concept which should end griefing and unbalanced PVP. I think I don't have to explain how ducked up the balance system is. Here are the Changes I came up with to change it to the better. Things we need to get to fix the griefing issue/ make pvp enjoyable for everyone:

  1. Bring Survival mode back along with the following changes:

-Players shouldnt be able to vats eachother:

Auto-aim is never good in any pvp game.

-Stim/Quantum Nerf:

Hitting someone should stop their healing progress (so people still can use quantums to heal but don't get invincible)

-Tesla nerf:

The Tesla beam should only chain up from enemy to enemy and not from objects/ground to enemy. That way it stays stronger in pve and pvp crowd control and still takes skill to use since you need to do hits in the first place to make the bolt chain up.

This is for the sole reason that Tesla is the most dominant Pvp weapon for almost a year now and it's meta has to die since it's pretty much overpowered. Everyone who thinks Teslas ain't overpowered, please state why

-Legacy Nerf, we already had Legacies nerfed in the first survival mode where they did less damage,

I don't know why they haven't kept it in adventure mode.

-each weapon type should have an individual damage cap which should be worked out to make every weapon viable.

Some thing like snipers 300, autorifles 80, Minigun like weapons 25, rocket launcher 250, et cetera. This will also result in some weapons being valuable again and change the market for the good.

Aid-items won't be dropped anymore:

since the issue regarding Quantum Tanks and stealth boy users is solved.

Chinese Stealth armor: this may piss some people of but his one needs to get a small Nerf too, either:

Being invisible drains slowly ap like a power armor stealth boy OR shooting makes you visible again. Alternatively it can make some quiet beeping noise when invisible.


Pvp focused Events:

We need some Pvp focused events. In early game there was an event where one team has to conquer Prickets Fort, Events like this would be cool to have to get some kind of competitive flair into it.

Another cool thing would be some kind of faction war like in TESO. Choosing a faction, and having one "onfought area" were members of you're faction are friendly to you and non members enemies.

-Damage resistences need to get fixed.

One gets somehow cut in half, can't remember which one.

-Fix God Mode and Railway Rifle vats glitch

(No further explanation)

  1. After these changes and with the guarantee that survival mode stays forever, adventure mode pvp can be shut down and make it more like a safe-player-hub to chill out, trade, farm or just do some quests, But…

We still need adventure mode changes regarding the workshop system.

It needs to have an alternative system where you take a workshop from another Player. OR They also get Survival mode exclusive

The Event Monster Mash will be Survival mode exclusive as well as the quest Hunter/Hunted.

-Everyone in adventure mode will be then automatically in Pacifist (?)

WORDS TO THE END: This is only a foundation. We still probably need survival mode exclusive rewards, similar to NW, to keep the content up. Its also important to say that most of these changes are a unit. If you miss one Point I made it will still be ducked up, probably even worse then before.

AND Please don't tell me " this is Fallout, we neeeed vats" or "if you want to pvp go play call of duty" and stuff like this. Its multi-player and the main story part in every Fallout is conflict between Humans. Since this is online conflict between Players is pretty logical.

Thanks for reading, and a hope you fellow Vault-Dwellers can agree. If I missed something please tell me in the comments.

Dear Sincerely,

A PvP Player who tries his best to help this Comunity and prevent PvP griefing, while keeping it.

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