How To Complete every Side Quest/Faction Quest (except end-game quests) in Fallout: New Vegas

fallout 2 - How To Complete every Side Quest/Faction Quest (except end-game quests) in Fallout: New Vegas



  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Lonesome Road DLC

In-game Prerequisites:

  • Must not have visited the Lucky 38 or the Tops Casino on the Strip
  • Must not have completed Lonesome Road

It may help to have started some faction quests that give out reputation without completing them, as some may not be started if your reputation is too low. Completing these quests after doing this first or third step will not be a problem, as far as I am aware. It is not required, but in the vanilla game if you have no reputation or have not progressed enough with any faction at the end of Lonesome Road the Courier Duster you get will be the Yes Man variant, which is one of only three pieces of clothing in the game that increases Luck by 1.

STEP ZERO: Companions such as Boone and Arcade Gannon may also refuse to follow or be recruited by you, with Boone refusing due to your low NCR reputation, and Arcade refusing if your reputation with the legion is positive.

Regardless, it is advised to recruit Arcade before doing any of these steps, as he will still remain a companion after step 3, yet will give you a warning, while he may not be able to be recruited at all if you do not decide to do so beforehand.


STEP ONE: Play through Lonesome Road until you reach the point where you have to decide whether to launch the nukes at either the NCR or Legion, or both, or at all. Launch the nukes at both factions. This will set your reputation to Vilified for both factions yet curiously, they will not attack you on sight. They will however, berate and insult you for your crimes.

STEP TWO: Complete as many faction quests as you'd like. The reputation gained from these quests will move you from Vilified eventually to Wild Child. Once you are finished or have had enough, visit the Lucky 38 and leave once you have spoken to Mr. House to meet an NCR Soldier who will tell you that you have been exempt from all previous crimes. Vulpes or Gabban will do the same once you have left the Tops.

STEP THREE: Curiously, once you have done this, you reputation will instead be set to Idolized or the gained reputation-equivalent. This will indirectly also allow you to obtain the safehouse keys to both the NCR and Legion safehouses from Colonel James Hsu at Camp McCarran and Vulpes at The Fort.

CLOSING STATMENT: Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know, I know, it's a long read but this is just the most detailed way I could think of putting it. Thanks again!

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