How to Fix the Main Storyline: Intro and Part 1 (BoS)

fallout 7 - How to Fix the Main Storyline: Intro and Part 1 (BoS)

This has been a thing that’s been running through my mind for a year or so and I’d like to share it in parts, I guess.

Jumping right into it, the biggest problems for me are the similar endings for everyone who isn’t the Institute as well as the lack of moral variation. In regards to the similar endings, it’s pretty self explanatory: all non-Institute factions want to blow up the Institute, despite all of them having different motivations in regards to opposing the Institute. It makes the choice feel very… meaningless. As for the lack of moral variation, the Railroad, Brotherhood, and Minutemen all seem to have white morality, as opposed to the Institute’s very dark gray. Sure, the BoS hates synths, but considering how much the Institute uses them for nefarious purposes, they can be somewhat forgiven for their animosity towards synths. The Railroad is chaotic good (I guess), the Minutemen are neutral good, and the Brotherhood is Lawful good. There is little gray in any of the other factions and further bolsters the meaninglessness of choosing a side. As such, I feel the best way to fix the story would be to change how the factions are portrayed. As a side note, I will be attempting to try to make the Brotherhood and the Railroad more grey in morality while making the Institute lighter. The Minutemen will be completely changed.

If I am not mistaken, the Brotherhood were supposed to be bigger assholes this time around, a return to the old BoS. You have Proctor Teagan giving you missions to basically extort settlers for food and Maxson being an asshat to Danse… but that’s really it. The rest of the time you see the Brotherhood, they are helping, being generally nice. Danse is initially suspicious but he has to be, and he quickly warms up to you. Scribe Hayden has always been nice, and even trusts the Sole Survivor enough to give him/her Danse’s coordinates when the Sole Survivor has been ordered to kill Danse. Maxson is brusque but seems to be coming from a place of genuine care. The only rude BoS as far I as remember was Rhys.


The problem is that their xenophobia is not shown explicitly enough, and their belief in their own superiority rarely, if ever, rubs people the wrong way. In order to fix that, the Brotherhood needed a few main quests in which the Brotherhood either extorts civilians for food/technology, tries to murder a group of synths who were just minding their own business, maybe even make a one or two of the head honchos more arrogant, snobbish, or zealous. It would create an interesting contrast with the obvious militaristic motif. You are just obeying orders, yet said orders can sometimes be morally challenging. The first mission to Fort Strong would make it seem like the Brotherhood are alright (killing mutants that slaughter people just because? Seems legit), but as the missions pile up they become more and more morally challenging. The rewards should be obvious (a free set of the second best power armor in the game, good weapons/supplies), but, role playing wise, are the rewards actually worth throwing morality out the window? Maybe to further challenge the player, have a few companions for like a squad of Brotherhood buddies that you bond with, but yet encourage you to do stuff for the Brotherhood that may be morally challenging. The final mission would be the same “Blow up the Institute” quest, but the game changer would be that it also requires you to both prevent anyone from escaping AND collecting all information from the Institute. If you choose not to do either, you are kicked from the Brotherhood, as you have both disobeyed crucial orders and potentially let the threat of “rampant technology” live another day. If you do give the information, the Brotherhood afterwards should… not go mad with power, but should be shown to be both improved technologically (the Knights and Paladins should be better equipped, have better weaponry, maybe have better stimpaks) and to be more willing to throw their weight. Not for supplies (the Institute tech should allow them to keep up both food wise and supply wise), but to keep anyone else from acquiring said Institute technology. Show the Brotherhood, like the Institute, keep technology away from non-Brotherhood people, technology that could vastly improve their lives. In this case, It’s “for the greater good” and “to prevent people from misusing it.” But this hoarding should ultimately question if the Brotherhood is really better than the Institute, since they are both keeping life changing tech away from the people who need it. Obviously, if you get kicked for not following orders, they should still be powerful, but not as powerful as them with Institute technology. Maybe make their failure to prevent some Institute members from escaping humble some of the Brotherhood members, and make them more willing to help others.

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