How to Fix the Main Storyline: Part 2 (The Railroad), Revisiting Part 1

fallout 8 - How to Fix the Main Storyline: Part 2 (The Railroad), Revisiting Part 1

If you missed it, part 1 is here. https://www.reddit.com/r/fo4/comments/hkg15k/how_to_fix_the_main_storyline_intro_and_part_1_bos/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf. After some strong feedback from people saying that the BoS are not lawful good, I have come to agree with that sentiment, with them probably being just Lawful Neutral. However, even if they are a somewhat dark shade of gray, that still doesn’t change how little of their darker side is put directly into the player’s path, and that there should have been some grey or outright black parts in the main storyline. Now, on with Part 2.

The Railroad, for me, does not have enough infiltration, shadowy, dealings You just do Institute quests, you kill some Brotherhood scrubs, then you nuke the Institute just like every other goddamn faction. “But you infiltrate the Institute and support a rebellion!” I mean, that’s a decent start for a shadowy yet good organization, but I feel like we didn’t do enough of that sabotaging shit or even give enough support for the rebellion. For the love of god you could just give the synth rebels PIPE PISTOLS. You know, the shitty guns used by every goddamn raider? Yes a rebellion is going to succeed when the Institute could just throw tons of Gen 1 and 2 synths with laser rifles and your rebels are armed with weaponry made of duct tape, pipes, and wood.

When you first join the Railroad, missions in which you escort synths to safety is fine. After all, they are a reference to the Underground Railroad. Once you get into the Institute, you should begin to do shady shit in addition to the Institute quests. In addition to equipping the synth rebels, who should actually be shown using the weapons put into the chest, you could do stuff like assassinate important leaders with poison, sabotage the synth manufacturing machine, maybe even spark dissent or outright civil war within the Institute. Maybe you have to kill some innocent Institute scientist, someone who truly believed that topside was fucked and only they had the tools needed to survive, someone ignorant of the darker stuff like the FEV experiments. That would not only breathe some much needed humanity into the Institute, but it would cause a worth of life. Is an innocent’s life, or multiple of them, really worth this rebellion? Sure, dozens of other people need him to die in order for the rebellion to succeed, but he was just trying to find ways to improve humanity, to help it survive. We do get shades of that, with Liam Binet’s suicide over the destruction of the Institute and its subsequent cover up, as well as the Battle of Bunker Hill, but there isn’t enough of weighing the lives of innocents vs the lives and freedom of synths.


As a final note, I think the synth rebellion SHOULD have a chance of failure. Maybe you convinced too few people to back it, maybe you didn’t give them decent equipment, maybe you didn’t sabotage enough stuff within the Institute. This shouldn’t have a chance of failure, but have there be three ways it could end. The first is abject failure, aka you gave them pipe wrenches and did no sabotaging. That would lead to the Minutemen quest line or maybe a true “sneak back in using the sewers” where getting caught means a “you vs the entire Institute” situation that would be extremely difficult to get out of. The second is moderate success, aka you did some sabotage and gave the synths moderately good, in which you don’t capture the perpetrators but drive them out of the Institute for good. You liberate the synths but the people who enslaved them escaped justice. A bittersweet victory. The third is complete success, aka you did everything you could and gave the synths the best gear. You capture the leaders and free the synths, with you deciding what to do with the leaders. Obviously, this rebellion needs good weaponry and so weaponry should weight more for victory than sabotage, but doing both thoroughly is needed for a better ending.

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