How To Make Fallout 76 Combat Feel Good

fallout 4 - How To Make Fallout 76 Combat Feel Good

Turn melee blocking into a held action like in FO3/FNV, this makes blocking viable again, since you don’t have to rely on your internet connection to actually get the timing right. Besides, it’s called blocking, not parrying, and currently the blocking system functions like a parry. If holding a block that causes staggering seems too overpowered, it could be fixed so that clicking the action causes a parry that can stagger like we have currently, but holding the button causes blocking, which simply increases your damage resistances while you hold the button. That way, missing a parry due to inconsistent connections will at least net you a damage reduction, making you less likely to simply spam your attack until your opponent dies. I believe this would be really healthy for the game, as it makes melee combat more engaging.

On the subject of staggering, I’ve said it since Fallout 4, and I’ll say it again, third person needs fixing! You get staggered in third person and actually lose control of your character, whereas in first person you still retain some degree of control. Throwing grenades, spinning heavy weapons, reloading a weapon – ALL get canceled in third person if you get hit by melee. This doesn’t happen in first person. You can’t sprint and then crouch with a weapon drawn in third person, it works fine without your weapon drawn for some reason, but not with a weapon. Why? It works perfectly fine in first person. Getting a crippled limb locks your camera so you can’t do anything for the duration of the animation, it also sometimes turns your camera to a completely random direction. All of these things are bugs, not features. It makes third person less than desirable in so many cases, which is a damn shame, because a lot of people really like playing in third person. After all, we spend ages making our characters look just the way we want them to, and our atoms on all kinds of outfits and what not. Make it just as viable as first person, please.


Separate Power Attack/Throw grenade keybinds and make the weapon wheel optional on PC. I’ll keep saying this until it happens, you should too, even if you’re on console, we could really use the community voice to help make this happen. In case you are on console and don’t really understand why this is an important issue, here’s what you need to know: Most gaming mice have built-in triggers on both sides of the scrollwheel, so just lightly touching the scrollwheel will open up the weaponwheel in-game, and because the programming treats the weapon wheel like a menu instead of something separate, it enables your on-screen mouse cursor and disables your ability to move the camera around or fire your weapon while it’s open, not only does it do these excruciatingly annoying things, it also doesn’t close again unless you press tab – which in the middle of combat usually means panic tabbing, which results in you staring into your pip-boy screen after closing the weapon wheel because you’re used to slow menus and spam buttons as a result. I’ve tried like many others to disable my scroll wheel and all related trigger buttons, but it’s so annoying to drag the slider in menus on the pipboy, and you have to re-enable it while C.A.M.P building anyhow. PLEASE, help the PC community out here and put some pressure on them, we’ve been asking for this since launch!

Fix whatever bug is causing your character to sometimes get stuck in ADS, it’s quite bothersome and have been for a long time. Just because we start ignoring bugs doesn’t mean they aren’t there and we aren’t frustrated, it just means we have too many other frustrations to be upset about. Fix that bug, and you’ll get a thumbs up and a heart from me.

And completely unrelated to the post, here’s a picture of my C.A.M.P just because you’ve earned it for reading my rant:
fbJkx4n - How To Make Fallout 76 Combat Feel Good

https://imgur.com/a/fbJkx4n 😉

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