How to make Fallout 76 not feel like crap on PC (FPS cap and mouse fix)

fallout 6 - How to make Fallout 76 not feel like crap on PC (FPS cap and mouse fix)

Bethesda… Bethesda Never Changes… Here's how to fix some of the issues with the PC port.

(Updated to include Custom.ini)

The two files we will be editing are (Fallout76Custom.ini) and optionally (Fallout76Prefs.ini).

1.(Creating a Fallout76Custom.ini)

The "Fallout76Custom.ini" will take priority over anything in "Fallout76.ini" and you don't need to worry about making this read only.

First make sure you have already launched Fallout 76 and tweaked your graphics setting.

  1. Open "Notepad" or even better download and use "Notepad++"
  2. Go to file, then save as.
  3. For the file name enter Fallout76Custom.ini
  4. Save as type should be "All Files (*.*)"
  5. Save the file in "Documentsmy gamesFallout 76" next to Fallout76.ini and Fallout76Prefs.ini.
  6. Boom you have an .ini file! You can right click the file and go to properties and the "Type of file" should read "INI File (.ini)" if done correctly.

Examples – https://imgur.com/a/QOOw9Od

I have a 16:9 monitor so my fMouseHeadingYScale is set to .03738

9.(Made a mistake or want to revert everything back to default?)

Simply delete all the .ini files in "my gamesFallout 76". The game will auto recreate these files with the default values when you launch it again.

I will end this by saying….

Really?… Really?… Bethesda…


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