How to make Power Armor better. Two suggestions.

fallout 6 - How to make Power Armor better. Two suggestions.

There were a lot of threads about power armor, I know. Some people think that power armor is completely useless. Others, on the contrary, argue in favor of armor by listing its hidden bonuses:

  1. Immunity to damage to the limbs.
  2. Resistance to radiation and damage.
  3. The ability to breathe underwater.
  4. Ability to jump from any height.

I spent a little more than 500 hours in the game, and about 80% of this time I played in power armor. In my experience, I was convinced that power armor is ALMOST balanced, but still inferior to some sets of conventional armor. And it seems to me that this can be fixed and i have two suggestions.

Suggestion #1. Add more passive bonuses to all PA sets

1. Increase the carry weight for power armor by 100 or allow power pack backpack bonuses.

  • Seriously, it looks silly and illogical that I can carry more loot without power armor than in it. Excavator power armor has a bonus to carry weight and this is great. Why not give this bonus to all sets?

2. Give immunity to diseases inside the power armor. Or at least 50% disease resistance.

  • The logic works again – if power armor protects me from the effects of the environment and radiation, if I can breathe under water, then why the hell it can't protect me from infection after a radroach bite? I think the immunity to diseases inside the power armor would be a great addition to the current armor bonuses.

3. Add useful mods for power armor hands to the game.

  • Those hand modifications that are now in the game are so useless that I have never used them for 500 hours in the game. The first thing that comes to mind is a modification that reduces the recoil of heavy weapons. Or increase reload speed of heavy weapons.

4. Allow wearing underarmor in PA.

  • Because what the hell? Why can’t I get into the PA in the BOS underarmor, which is designed to wear in power armor?

5. Give resistance to poison for PA

  • Look, I’m not asking you to make power armor users immortal tanks, but at least a little poison protection would be a great improvement for us.

Suggestion #2. Add 1* legendary bonuses to PA pieces

Here's an idea – to add the legendary 1 * pieces of armor to the game, which can be crafted using the legendary modules or received as a reward for the events (SBQ, Collosal Problem, Rad.Rumble, etc). Thus, in theory, we will be able to collect 6 pieces of a set of armor, with 6 legendary properties. And these properties can be partially taken from the first suggestion, and partially come up with new ones. These are the effects I would suggest:

  1. Heavy weapon reload speed +6% (48% in a full set)
  2. Increase in carry weight by 20 (120 in total)
  3. Poison Resistance +5% (30% in total)
  4. Increase in energy damage dealt by 3% (18% in total)
  5. Increase the damage of explosive heavy weapons by 15% (90% in total, this will make Fatboys and Rocket Launchers viable)
  6. Immunity to disease (one piece gives full immunity, so you can wear one antipoison piece and 5 others)

Of course i'm not game designer, but i think it will be really great if PA users got some love from Devs.

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