How to make ‘Purified Water’ using Water Filters

fallout 2 - How to make 'Purified Water' using Water Filters

Purified Water is just one of those things you can't get enough of as it has many uses. I mainly use it for diluting certain medical supplies to hand out to new players or straight up sell in my vending machines for cheap. This guide will explain how to get a good number of water filters needed to get lots of purified water.

Need: Woodchucker (Luck), Green Thumb (Perception), Super Duper level 3 (Luck).

Optional: Pack Rat level 3 (Strength).

(1) The plan is simple: Going into the Toxic Wastes portion of the map and exploring / looking around for Bleached Dogwood trees and collecting their wood to use later for filters. You'll want to keep an eye out for small, white-leaved trees as they're the only ones that have this special wood.

(a) A good place to start is the Willard Corporate Housing block southeast of the theme-park. You'll find a nice cluster of trees here and more to the north and east. Another dense cluster can be located around the Black Bear Lodge, specifically on the eastern side under the metal water tower and on the west side of the Lodge itself. Overall you'll want to explore the biome a bit looking for these leafy trees and collect as much wood as possible.


(2) Once you've collected a large source of Bleached Dogwood you'll want to convert it into Water Filters using either the cooking station (adhesive and glowing fungus) or the chemistry station (adhesive and coal). Considering coal is a little harder to get (even with the Santatron) we're instead going to focus on glowing fungus.

(b) For less experienced people, exploring up and down the river near Flatwoods can net you a good supply of the stuff. Otherwise, if you're brave and well equipped, going into the Wendigo Cave can net you a large supply that is perfect for the next step.

(3) Simply put, using Super Duper you craft as many Water Filters as possible and immediately STORE THEM into your stash rather then have them on hand. From there, collect a 1 to 1 quantity of dirty water from a river and then CRAFT purified water at your cooking station. COLLECTING WATER AT A RIVER WITH THE FILTERS IN YOUR INVENTORY USES THEM! We want to USE Super Duper for creating more free water!

Hopefully this guide gives a way for people that're doing their Toxic Valley dailies something productive to do on the side, you'll be swimming in Pure Water in no time!

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