How to Make the Chainsaw/Ripper High Damage and What We Know Currently Affects Their DPS

fallout 4 - How to Make the Chainsaw/Ripper High Damage and What We Know Currently Affects Their DPS

Alrighty, so big shoutout to u/herodotexe for being the first, that I saw, to find and share this fix/bug/glitch.

When you use rank 3 Weapon Artisan to repair rippers and chainsaws it takes their damage from 2-3 into the 30-40 damage per tick range BEFORE perks. I am not sure if this works for Mr. Handy Buzzsaw yet, I don't have one to test yet but I am looking.

Here is a video I did showing the trick in action, where I quickly grabbed a couple chainsaws, the damage before and after, and most importantly the damage destroying mobs at Whitesprings as a test run. https://youtu.be/0svkpT0oGbs I offer this as an option for those who want to see it with their own eyes.

Chainsaw: Starting damage is 2 and I have only seen level 20 variants spawn in the world. They have multiple mods that don't seem to affect their dps much except for flamer, which adds fire/energy damage to each tick.

Damage after being 200% repaired is 30 before perks.

Perks that I know for a fact affect chainsaw currently: Adrenaline, Bloody Mess, and Makeshift Warrior.

Perks I tried that did not seem to have any affect: All melee perks in the STR category.

Perks I still need to try: heavy weapon perks (chainsaw slows your movement like a minigun does outside of power armor so I wonder…), Luck of the Draw (not sure if this affects the "over durability" bar, if so it might keep this in the HIGH dps sweet spot longer), Overly Generous (might not have much use in PVE but maybe for PVP)


Ripper: Starting damage on a level 45 ripper I had was 3 per tick.

After the repair trick it jumped to the high 30s low 40s (I forget exactly as I only wanted to see if the same trick worked before going back to chainsaw). Not sure about the mods for this and how they will affect it.

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Perks I know work: One handed melee dmg increase perks (Gladiator), Adrenaline, Bloody Mess, and Makeshift Warrior.

Perks to try:Incisor, Martial Artist, Luck of the Draw, Overly Generous

Legendary versions to try: Bloodied and Furious.

Buzzsaw: Per whereswaldo333 this trick DOES work with Mr. Handy Buzzsaw, I will get some hard number before and after repair up to follow soon. Also per waldo "effects such as Vampire, Furious and Suppressor do not work when using the basic attack but works in heavy attacks".

Currently I am brainstorming how to make a build around chainsaws, already have one leveling this weekend for rippers. I will post more updates in a few days but wanted to consolidate what I know and need to try for others to use and share their findings as well.

Thanks for reading AND for your contributions guys!

Edit: Updated buzzsaw.

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