How to Tame a Pet – Updated for 2021!

fallout 6 - How to Tame a Pet - Updated for 2021!

Welcome to the 2021 Pet Taming Guide!

With the help of SEVERAL Redditors, Dataminers and tireless experimentation we have compiled the following guide. This is the most up to date information on how to tame a pet. I am reposting it because the other one is chaotic now with all the edits!

A special thank you to
eshowers - How to Tame a Pet - Updated for 2021!

/u/eshowers for helping a ridiculous amount with this and championing the whole Taming Clarification cause and helping clarify so much! You are knowledgeable, tireless and spend as much time doing this as I do – you are awesome!

If I have missed anything, please let me know in the comments and I will amend the post to reflect the new information! Thanks and Happy Taming!

Pictures, maps and videos walking you through EVERY step are included!

Random Encounters Map – Use SCENE Locations!

Taming Location Photos by /u/marshasyn

All the Random Encounters you could possible see – also by /u/marshasyn

More helpful info from /u/peachykenku


Also – animals you are attempting to tame MIGHT have red text but should still NOT aggro to you! Approach and tame with confidence!


  • Animal Friend Perk Card Equipped

(Rank 3 gives a 75% chance and better pet options – available at lvl 30) Wasteland Whisperer is NOT REQUIRED and is useless here. You will need at least 3 points in Charisma to equip it and once your pet has arrived safely at your camp you can unequip it – you don't need it to keep the pet)

  • An unscoped Gun or Melee weapon equipped.

  • A Specific Random Encounter location. (The red SCENE dots on
    ID0ergG - How to Tame a Pet - Updated for 2021!

    this map)
  • Server Hopping. If you don't find what you want, hop servers and keep going!

Oh…and RNGesus smiling upon you as all the tamable pets are subject to RNG.


  • Head to your chosen
    ID0ergG - How to Tame a Pet - Updated for 2021!

    random encounter location. MAKE SURE THE ANIMAL IS REALLY ALONE! If you don't see a tamable there, clear the encounter if you can and move on to the next.
  • Once you have found something, approach the animal you wish to tame and you should get a TAME prompt. Press whatever key/button you see for Tame and confirm that you want to send it to your camp. If you only see pacify, get closer. You may have to get VERY close to some.

  • Once tamed it will show your player icon and name in front of it's name and take off running toward your C.A.M.P. and will run there IN REAL TIME taking roads whenever possible.

  • LET IT RUN BY ITSELF!!! You escorting it only makes its ability to catch aggro greater and may result in it dying on the way if you get mobbed.

Clearing encounters that don't have a tame speeds up the respawning and allows for more possibility! If you don't find anything to tame on the server you are on, swap and repeat the process. If the animal is NOT ALONE, you will not get a tame so clear the encounter and move on. We all want that Albino Deathclaw – but he's never alone!

Mega Sloths, Deathclaws and Kings tend to need you to be all up in their business to get the prompt – as in arms length. If all else fails, check the area to make sure it is actually alone. The Albino Deathclaw everyone is dying to tame ALWAYS spawns with Super Mutants….lurking somewhere.

If you tamed at the southeast corner of the map and your camp is in the northwest…it's gonna take a while. Also, if you tamed a Mega Sloth, even though it can scoot along at times, it's still not as fast as other animals. The same can be said for smaller animal tames.


You running with it will only draw more attention to it. Your pet's aggo range shrinks by quite a bit to aid in its journey to your place. Let it run on its own! Don't bother with the "hop to a server where you can't place your C.A.M.P." nonsense to make it show up faster – this may result in its demise as well…just go do other Fallout things and your pet will show up when they are able.


Creature taming - How to Tame a Pet - Updated for 2021!

All the things that can be tamed.

*Scorched Pets: Scorched Variants are HIGHLY aggressive. They will attack NPCs, walls, crops, turrets BUT will not cause actual damage (except for anything attacking your camp!) they will just cycle through their attack animation and sounds! Thank you
d chec - How to Tame a Pet - Updated for 2021!/u/d_chec!

Animal Friend 1 Beaver, Brahmin, Cat, Chicken, Dog, Mirelurk, Mole rat, Opossum, Rabbit, Radrat pup, Radstag, Wolf

Animal Friend 2 Mirelurk hunter, Mirelurk king, Radtoad, Snallygaster, Yao guai

Animal Friend 3 Deathclaw, Mega sloth


  • As of 11/24/2020 patch notes for Patch 24: Animal Friend: Removed outdated level requirement wording from the Perk Card description.

  • Make sure your CAMP is on the server you are trying to tame on! If your CAMP can't be placed, your pet has nowhere to go. Thank you to /u/sprtucker for the info and we appreciate your hard learned sacrifice!

  • ANIMALS MUST SPAWN ALONE: That Albino Deathclaw is one we are all after but it is NEVER alone. The animal must be the ONLY thing at the location. Always give it a minute for the Scene to play out!

  • If you only see PACIFY – get closer. I mean close enough for you to pet it and then try again. You should see the TAME pop up!


  • Make sure your C.A.M.P. module is either on the ground or on a low to the ground/flat surface. When your pet spawns in with your C.A.M.P – if they have to drop from a height because your module is on the second floor of your house or on top of a vendor, your pet will die.

  • Your pet will patrol randomly around your C.A.M.P. module so consider where you want your pet to be. Having them patrol the back end of your camp might not be the place to show off the Deathclaw! They WILL get stuck on things and port around your camp, but make sure they have some room to roam as getting tangled under something can cause death too! Also they can wander and can spawn in odd places – if your camp is on a cliff sometimes they spawn at the base. Look around if you don't see them and don't panic! They are also great to have with Brahmin from the fertilizer resource for extra life and won't harm them!

  • Your pet will defend your C.A.M.P. but let's be realistic…a tamable chicken or beaver may not be the best pet for that task. Chose your companion wisely! If you have pacifist OFF other nefarious players can kill your pet TURN PACIFIST ON for the sake of your buddy. Mobs also can if there are many and they are high enough level. I tend to go for tankier pets because of this!

  • If you move your camp, your pet WILL MOVE TOO! It will WALK there in real time, again, but it will move!

  • BE PATIENT!! Sometimes you'll find what you want right off the bat, sometimes it can take days, just keep at it!

This is the most up to date Pet Taming Guide thanks to the following people:






Dataminers, commenters, all of you guys have helped dispel a LOT of the misinformation and I can't thank you enough!

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