How to #*@(% up the game something fierce. Requires Far Harbor

fallout 7 - How to #*@(% up the game something fierce. Requires Far Harbor
  1. Start out with enough endurance to take aquaboy/girl and enough intelligence to take science 1. You can use the your special for one point in either category.
  2. Don't bother talking to codsworth. Take science 1 as soon as you can. Scrap everything in sanctuary and loot the cellar. That should give you enough material to build an industrial purifier and generator or two. make sure to lockpick whatever you can before scrapping because XP is good. Also kill all the bloatflies and radroaches. Head toward concord but beeline around it as soon as you uncover it on the map, stopping first at red rocket to get dogmeat. As you beeline around it, head to the rear of the museum of freedom and you should uncover it on your map. once you're south of concord continue on the road south past concord and you'll run into Trashcan Carla, causing her to appear in sanctuary periodically. Travel back to sanctuary, avoiding concord. Try to avoid going to drumlin diner to find carla since that will start "order up" and there are speech checks. She should spawn on the road beforehand though.
  3. Try to get purified water. Buy, trade for whatever supplies you need to build more purifiers. Take aquaboy/girl as soon as you level. Head east toward covenant but once you get to the riverhead just before it, jump in and swim south and then around the bend to unlock bunker hill. Jump back in the water and continue west until you hit the shipwreck (i forget what it's called but you'll run into it right in the middle of a bridge over the water.) Quick travel to it from the water then cross it to the south and keep running south until you hit diamond city. Talk to piper and enter, unlocking the merchants. Obv if you're in survival, make your way up to the bridge instead of quick traveling.
  4. Get back to sanctuary and you should have purified water. Take it out and trade it to carla for whatever you need to build more industrial purifiers and generators. You can use the merchants you unlocked as well. If you need more water to generate do a side thing, like taking starlight drive in, abernathy farms or tenpines bluff. by the time you complete one you should have more water. Repeat. Trade the water for more supplies. Eventually this will become self sustaining, meaning the water pays for the supplies to build more purifiers. and then some.
  5. Talk to codsworth. He should be able to be your companion now. Take him and dismiss dogmeat to sanctuary. You can use codsworth to carry extra water by dropping it on the ground and having him pick it up bypassing his weight limit check and allowing him to carry unlimited. He's now your pack mule and you can use him to carry water, buy out merchants and make a ton of money to where you can make enough purifiers in sanctuary to start buying whole shipments. carry shipments with you to make it easier to set up new settlements.
  6. By now you should be able to get to level 10 through crafting and buying supplies. Go to bunker hill, travel south across the bridge, then east along the waterfront until you reach a gate. go through the gate and you'll be at pickman gallery. fight off the raiders. keep going east until you hit a red truck trailer. Head south along the right side of the trailer until you find an alley. Take the alley and you'll find the old north church. Head around to the entrance. go in and fight your way to the basement crypt, all the way to the freedom trail dial on the wall. Enter Railroad. Go through the rest, to start the mission, tradecraft. At this point i leave the church and go to starlight drive in. Head from there to deacon. complete the tradecraft mission, then boston after dark. talk to pam. clear out the given settlement and set up mercer safehouse. report back to pam and she'll give you a DIA cache mission. Do it then talk to tom, first about MILA, and then again. This time he'll talk about ballistic polymer weave, unlocking it. Take an armor perk and upgrade your armor and jumpsuit with ballistic weave. If you can find a newsboy cap put weave on that to. grind until about level 20.
  7. Then head to coastal cottage, past greentop nursery and the slog. i usually start at tenpines bluff. once there find the raised freeway to the east and follow it north and then head to the coastline. Follow the coastline up past the ghoul(s), and keep going along the waterside path, past an outbuilding and then finally to nanakos place. head into the dockhouse – not the main house. examine the picture frame. take the key, open the safe, and play the holotype. go the house and talk to the parents, opening up far harbor. Travel to far harbor
  8. Head to acadia (i don't bother with longfellow). Complete the first three tapes of best left forgotten – do not kill tektus. Head to the stash point for the windfarm kill switch and retrieve it. Head to the wind farm and use the code on terminal 3, destroying far harbor. Report back to tektus, getting the inquistor/crusador of atom perk. make sure the robes of atoms devoted you got during best left forgotten is in your inventory but don't equip yet.. go below the sub and next to some barrels and start drinking the water until you're almost dead (900+rads). Now equip the robes, and heal yourself! it will let you, but your health meter will be almost all red. check your pip boy STATS screen for your real HP. You are now immune to radiation and you do double damage on all attacks. Put ballistic weave on your robes.
  9. Optionally, collect all the drugs as you go. Get junkie weapons, try to stat max character, and then get addicted to all the drugs. You'll drop anything in the wasteland with a junkie combat rifle (for example) in one hit.

Now you are a god. You can live comfortably in the glowing sea, completely immune, and you do incredible damage. You have all the quests open to you except far harbor, and you'll destroy pretty much anything in your way.


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