Human Depravity knows no bounds…https://imgur.com/a/ajLywfq

fallout 7 - Human Depravity knows no bounds...https://imgur.com/a/ajLywfq


I've found many disturbing things during my hundreds of hours of Wandering the Wastelands of Appalachia. I usually will take out my trusty Pro-Snap Deluxe camera and snap random pictures of things I stumble across, be they silly, or in this case, one of the more darker sides of the Wilderness we now call 'home.'

It appears that even in the throes of war; even in the face of total destruction–mankind still is able to hold himself to the lower, savage standard that has come to define humanity since the dawn of time. Even megaton bombs can't destroy the inner evil that seems to exist in some people.

What we have here, on a rooftop in Clarksburg, is a picture of a man handcuffed to a pole. In front of him, neatly placed, is a serving of food and water. You'll note the chair and a book in front of the handcuffed man as well. The disturbing part of this, to me, is not so much that the poor man was handcuffed to a metal pole, however, more so that if one looks carefully, they'll note a chalk line scribbled just in front of the handcuffed man's outstretched arm.

Someone went and made a rooftop torture chamber. Sat in a chair and watched and listened for hours? days? weeks??? to someone slowly dying of starvation and dehydration all while comfortably sitting in a chair and reading a book. The line was drawn so the chair person knew exactly how far away to set the food and drink so that it was 'just' out of reach of his prisoner.


I got to thinking, "Who were these people?" "Who was the sadistic executioner and why did this poor soul receive the punishment of this magnitude?" And I concluded: Sometimes, even when the world is burning around you and there's not too many people left on the planet–sometimes, people are just….people. Scary stuff to see. So much thought and emotion in just this one little scene I stumbled across.

This is just one of the very reasons I love the FO universe and in particular, FO76. There's so much more to this game than SBQ racing to max level and get weapons. The Devs put soooo much into this game, and there's (i'm sure) sooo much left to uncover. I would have never seen this if it wasn't for my newly acquired Marsupial mutation. I'm just in awe the amount of thought that Beth put into this. Putting this scene on a rooftop that most people probably wouldn't see until at least a few weeks after launch…..amazing. Just sitting there, waiting to be discovered. Anyway, I just wanted to share, I thought this little scene was particularly poignant and really stuck with me for a while even after leaving 76 for the day.

Thanks, all.

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