Humblebrag – Solo’d (mostly) the Imposter Sheepsquatch yesterday and how you, the uber-casual, can as well

fallout 5 - Humblebrag - Solo'd (mostly) the Imposter Sheepsquatch yesterday and how you, the uber-casual, can as well

For me, end game is partially building and camps, partially collecting gear – but ultimately it's trying to improve and tackle some things individually / solo. I enjoy the challenge. I'm not in a big group, don't have the absolute best gear (though collecting and working up to that is something I enjoy). I play a ton, but usually solo as I'm mic-challenged but I'll definitely team up for events and join others.

As a baseline – 'm not some crazy skilled gamer with mad twitch skills. I'm really a bottom-feeder, so if I can do this – you can to. Maybe a slightly competitive casual. Possibly filthy.

My first target was Encryptid. It's challenging, plenty of people have trouble with it but still want to run it to get the Fixer plans. Sale is coming up, so as my bit to add to the community, if I can run it whenever it is off timer and complete it by myself, others can join and help and we can all get the benefits.


  • Be able to solo the event
    • Assume that others may join to participate (so can't build and structure my plan assuming no one shows up)
  • Minimal specific tweaks – I don't want to completely re-gear all the time as I'm mostly lazy.
  • Character I used was my 220-ish. Setup was largely this:
    perks?v=1&s=4f559a8&d=a72a04c72eh2lt2a80p02a30ic2pd2pk2pl2pp2s12l71sg2ek1cu0lv0lr0i12sb0&w=c52i44ii0ik0lm2&m=4cfa0&nw=&n=Jenniecide - Humblebrag - Solo'd (mostly) the Imposter Sheepsquatch yesterday and how you, the uber-casual, can as well
    • Basically, this is a non-bloody rifleman (can also do commando, but for this I was using rifleman)
    • Several of the perks were non-useful / spare and I could have spent on other things (I wasn't using Crits, and really I only had Concentrated Fire 2 as I keep Green Thumb nearly all the time as a lazy QoL and I didn't think there was anything super important I should put in as well.
  • Was wearing a set of scout armor, Sentinel on all 5 pieces, Troubleshooter on 3. Other features were non important (one was Zealot, one is something else I forget)
    • Important, I've been wearing this for general PVE for some time (silo runs)
    • For "reasons" I move all my scout armors to this character, so that's just what I've managed to collect, buy or trade.
  • Primary weapon I used was 1* Vamp Plasma configured as a rifle.
    • This isn't what I usually use, but I wanted the healing.
    • I mention I'm not the world's best twitch gamer. My method is going to simply be to grab the pylons, heal as I need with stims in the mean time and then plant myself in front of the ISS and face-tank it while I burn it down and rely on the Vampire, Troubleshooter and Sentinel to do their jobs.

How it all went:


I had a set of recall cards I've been putting my spare caps towards. Repaired my gear. Made sure my perks were set. Headed to the pylon site, fired it up.

  • Grabbed all 3 pylons
    • Didn't see I had a few diluted stims I'd somehow picked up – started taking the pylon damage, hit a stim and it didn't do what I thought it would. Sigh.
  • I was still alone, so just respawned quickly and dropped the diluteds, then re-grabbed pylons.
  • Imposter was chasing me, and in hindsight maybe some cavalier armor wouldn't be bad option, as ultimately the damage I was taking while running to grab them was annoying, and no capability to easily mitigate and self heal. I also ignored the adds, so losing the Sentinel while I ran to the pylons was a pain.
  • Once I had them all and the ISS was vulnerable, I planted my feet and started the burning face tank.
    • Others had joined, so their DPS was helpful, but I couldn't really see them. Most of my view was the plasma flames and the ISS in my face. When it fired the head laser I especially couldn't see anything.
    • ISS never focused on anyone else … face-tank successful.
  • Once I started the burning, my health wasn't an issue and pegged near 100. I was a big concerned w/ the plasma needed to reload, but this didn't end up being an issue.
  • I ended up using maybe 5 stims, and all in the grab-pylons-run-around time period. None in the actual face-tanking – the Vamp on the plasma kept me up.
  • A bit tense, but ultimately underwhelming. Burned down in a minute or two, got the rewards then I helped clean up all the adds (which I'd ignored until then).

I've got 3 more cards. I'll do it a few more times tonight. Next step is to be able to do similar on my bloodied melee, bloodied rifleman. I've got another non-bloodied, and I think I can do it too though I'm not full set on my armor yet. I think on that one I want to run 5x Troubleshoooter and maybe a mix of Sent/Cav if I can find it. Bonus – that one is a pistol user, but I'm pretty sure I can still pull it off with either a plasma (which I know works) or with my vamp 10mms (one is VATS crit, one is explosive). I may also try again on this character but w/ bullet hose Vampire / Commando setup instead of the plasma flamer.

The message here is really two things at the core:

  • Bit of a brag. I'm pretty happy.
  • Bit of a "you can do this too". Seriously, if I can do it so can you.

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