Hypothetically, how would a Legion Patrol react to encountering a Courser [Question]

fallout 4 - Hypothetically, how would a Legion Patrol react to encountering a Courser [Question]

Context (short and sweet version at the bottom)

I'm running a Fallout D&D campaign set in Arizona (near Prescott) a few years before the first battle hoover dam. My game has three escaped synths (2 npcs, one new player) wandering the eastern Mojave.

One is a Railroad agent (the new player), two are Institute pet projects named Sticks and Stones.

Sticks is very methodical, dexterous, charismatic, sadistic, but fairly weak (Think Jarad Leto Joker without the bullshit)

Stones is the foil (sort of) to Sticks, blunt, slow, lacking in intermediate speech, attacks when provoked, and has so much muscle mass that he rivals most Super mutants (Best analogy would be Andre the Giant's height, Robert Z'Dar's face, with a super mutants master's body and and speaks broken English "You help. Happy.").

Sticks manipulated Stones into escaping with him and the two began their journey to the other side of the country. Sticks, being a sadistic bastard, began murdering those they met on the road because "It's them or us, Stones." Once they got to Arizona, Stones realized that Sticks was just killing for the fun of it and parted ways. Sticks, now unhindered (as well as unprotected) by the oaf, took to integrating himself in to settlements and destroying them from within. Recently (in game time), he posed as a doctor in a town called Steelfield (Old world Dewey Humboldt, AZ), and killed two scrap miners during a surgery. Sticks skipped town after the settlement found out that it was intentional, and placed bounties.

Stones then took to calling himself Stone (in an attempt to separate himself from his past) took to traveling with other muscular men and forming a roving gang of muscle men, "The Kneecappers" (Stone isn't very creative), with Stone being the biggest, and therefore the leader. The Kneecappers met up with a group of Legion refugees and decided to join them on their journey to the home city of the Players.

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Now for the more relevant part of the story. The Institute sent two coursers to bring in Sticks and Stones. When the Coursers discovered that the two escaped synths split up, so did they. The one going after sticks kept finding broken communities all with the same story "Everything went wrong after that lanky freak showed up, he went towards X" Eventually the courser found Steelfield, still recovering from the murders. Looking for information on Sticks, he located a public office building, where the town's governing body operated, where he entered the mayors office. The Mayor, being paranoid of strangers entering her office without an appointment, alerted the town guards via silent alarm. Realizing that taking the subterfuge route was pointless, the Courser snapped the mayor's neck, hacked her terminal for information on Sticks, ("Last seen heading towards Skull Valley). This prompted a firefight (set to Future Club), which resulted the entire town being slaughtered. As the courser walked away from the burning town, it met up with a patrol of Recruit and Prime legionaries which had come to Nipton the town.

This is where my question comes into play

Because of the battle, the courser has a severe cut on its face, revealing robotic components. The legion patrol leader notices this. How would the legion react to seeing an armed man with a robotic face walking away from a town full of murdered degenerates and potential slaves?

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