I 3D made a combat shotgun. Thought this sub would like it.

fallout 3 - I 3D made a combat shotgun. Thought this sub would like it.

A co-worker of mine printed me the pieces, I cleaned them up, assembled them, painted and weathered it.

Let me know what you think!


For those who asked about the process, it was something like this

Tons and tons and tons of sanding, excessive filler primer, bondo, more sanding. I didn't want any of the grooves from the print to he visible. I think the only area you can still see them is on the very tip of the barrel, because I thought that particular part was hidden by another piece and didn't realize it was the actual end of the barrel until it was too late.

Heavy coat of a silver/gunmetal mix. Then a lighter coat of black. I used steel wool for the larger scale, lighter wear on the metal. Then rub and buff for the heavier edge wear. I used a series of coats of oil paint for the grunge – mostly putting excessive amounts and and then pulling it off. That's how I got all the metal tarnish.


For the wood, I coated it in a lighter shade of brown, then got a shitty old paintbrush and pulled out a bunch of the bristles and ran it through a series of different shades/hues of brown where I just lightly scraped it across the surface so that each "coat" only amounted to a few hairs worth of paint. Rinse and repeat maybe a few dozen times. Then I coated it in a really heavy glossy clear coat, sanded it down in the areas the user would be wearing against the stock and greased it up with oil paint.

I meant to get screws to go in all the empty holes, but I couldn't immediately find ones that were properly sized at Home Depot, so I gave up and called it a day.

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