I Actually Enjoy Fallout 76

fallout 4 - I Actually Enjoy Fallout 76

Looking at the reception this game seems to be getting, I’m probably going to be shot for saying this, but I actually enjoy Fallout 76.

I’d like to start off by saying, yes, it has a TON of issues. Just, yeah… so many. But so do all Bethesda games at launch (not saying that forgives it, I’m just saying I expected it.) So I’m sure they’ll be fixed. And the gameplay, for me, when the game works, really is a ton of fun. But the most fun part is that I’m playin it with my friends. It sounds silly, but that really does add a whole lot of extra fun to the experience.

I do have some issues, but the world is fun to explore, hanging out with friends and interacting with other players is super fun, the photo mode is cool, and I’ve been having fun building my C.A.M.P. in a way I can place it anywhere (although I am worried that I’m already nearing the budget limit at my C.A.M.P.)


Sure, this game has plenty of issues to speak of. I won’t bother mentioning them because that seems to be the vast majority of posts at the moment. But I still enjoy it overall. I don’t wish for them to cease all support for it by any means. No Man’s Sky started out pretty bad, but now it’s super fun. Fallout 76 has so much potential for improvement via updates.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying. I hate the modern practice of releasing games incomplete or broken, just to fix it afterwards. I hate that, it’s shady and sucks. I’m just saying that the game is still fun at its basic level, and I want to see it get better. If support is all dropped for it, we’ll never get to see that, and the idea of a Fallout game with multiplayer will potentially never be revisited.

TL;DR: I think this game is still fun, and while I am aware of the problems it has, I still wish for it to continue being supported.

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