I am reluctant to share the latest bad news about my experience

fallout 6 - I am reluctant to share the latest bad news about my experience

So, if you've followed me at all in this community I've been incredibly active in a few ways.

  • Helping people with game questions
  • Adding Suggestions to the mix
  • Sharing fun and unusual stories
  • Separating criticism from blind hatred as best as possible while defending the game's future

Well, recently my 200+ hour character was deleted. I haven't really posted a lot since then, though I've thought about it back and forth. I have zero desire to spread negativity about the game as I've had a lot of great interactions with the community here.

Having said that, I realized that my reluctance to share this was very unhealthy. I don't know if I just didn't want to bring down the mood of people enjoying the game, or if I had some fear of being beaten to a pulp verbally for daring to say something negative about the game. Then I realized that hesitation was not what I wanted, as I value truth above all things – and its a hesitation I'd like to avoid feeling again.


Either way, I realize now that there really isn't a home for someone like me. -SOME- Youtubers clickbait, while -SOME- of the fans will ardently defend even the worst of situations and dump on anyone that runs into legitimate problems. And then there is me – right there in the middle and often hated by both sides of any argument. I don't even recognize the world I live in anymore. But I digress.

Anyways, to all of you still enjoying 76, I do hope that you continue to enjoy it. Don't let someone else's experience dictate how you feel about the game, but don't dismiss them outright as invalid out of some tribal tendency, either. Everyone deserves the most honest and good community we can create – warts and all.

I hope everyone here has a wonderful holiday and new year, and maybe in a few months time you'll see a low level slowly grinding their way back up to the top if the issues get worked out by then.

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This is Paladin, over and out for now.

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