I am stupid, and I have demonstrated that very clearly today lol

fallout 6 - I am stupid, and I have demonstrated that very clearly today lol

Imma just jump right into it. Don't read further if you don't want mission spoilers.

I got to the nuke mission with the enclave and didn't really pay much attention to the details. I just went through each mission on "autopilot".

I am new and this is my first run. I have never launched a nuke before. So, for you veterans, you can probably guess where this is going.

When you launch a nuke, it's recommended to be 8 people, according to the mission description. I didn't read that of course.

And the requirements are a keycard and the code to launch the nuke. I killed one officer and for some reason I thought I had acquired the code and the card. I went to alpha and stumbled down the elevator as the clueless idiot I was.

Keep in mind I am not one to run unprepared and head first into any fight, but that's the only way I can describe what I just did with this mission.

Without going into too many details, I used 23 fusion cores, repaired my gatling laser and minigun about 3 times each. Burned through atleast 10k rounds on the minigun and I have no idea how many "bullets" my gatling laser used, but it was about 15k. So so many stimpacks and other chems.

I swear those bots are a lot harder to take down than the ones you meet around the wasteland.

I thought it would never stop until finally, after 1 ish hour of constant fighting and figuring out what to do, I got to the control room where the nuke is. "Obviously" it wasn't over and I had to defend those defenceless weird bots from the hostile bots.


Just to really "slap" my face even more, sometime before I got to the control room, the "shutting down for maintenance" thing showed up, so now I had pressure too. Didn't want to quit when I had come as far as I had lol.

Both my gatling laser and minigun used all of the remaining ammo, so I had to use all my other, more or less useless weapons. After I fired my last piece of ammunition, that being 1 mininuke, the lights (ingame) turned off and the "quest completed" popped up. I had no ammo or chems left what so ever. My health was very low. It was kind of like a movie ending or something. 10 min to spare before the server shut down.

Relieved and baffled over what I just did, and what happend, I went over to the launch controls, excited to launch my first nuke before the server shut down.

All of that fighting, ammo usage, fusion cores and effort would finally pay off. Or so I thought for a brief second.

I did not have a keycard or code.

So there I stood looking at that beautiful, ready-to-launch nuke, feeling like the biggest idiot on the server after realising that there are more than one officer that needs to be killed to get the complete code.

With all my hard earned resources gone. The only positive thing is that I leveled up 5 ish times lol. And, surprisingly my t-45 power armor survived, somehow.

I don't know how to feel about this, but I wanted to share it so that, if you feel like an idiot, just think of me and you will feel better 🙃

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