I bankrupted myself trying to save money with a musket.

fallout 7 - I bankrupted myself trying to save money with a musket.

So a few weeks back, I got this bright idea that if I could get my hands on a Blackpowder Rifle, it would really save me caps and resources since it's a weapon with high damage per shot with low rate of fire.

I began my quest by constantly fast travelling between my camp and Philippi Battlefield Cemetery/ Prickett's Fort.

I repeated this process for about 1 week, I couldn't find the rifle at all. Only the pistol, clothing, knife, and hatchet spawned there for me. Note that my level was 20 by the time I tried this, and by the 2nd week my level was increased to 25 and I accumulated 74 rounds of .50 cal musket balls.

Today I took some liquid corage (got drunk) and decided to expand my search into unexplored and more dangerous territory.

I choose to go to Whitespring Resort for the reason that it looks extremely clean for post-apocalypse, plus all the clues I've looked up indicated that the place is populated with friendly NPCs. (All you veteran players would already know how things ended up for me)

The journey there was EXTREMLY PERILOUS.

The nearest location which I have discovered was a trainstation at the Top of the World.

Near the station itself, there was a camp of heavily armed and armored raiders.

After I went past the camp, I came across a group of 3 mothman cultist armed with SMG, rifle, and laser pistol.Then I came across a railroad terminals ? infested with rogue robots and feral ghouls. I was an idiot and kill all the robots for almost nothing, but I evaded the ghoul.

However, I found a group of Brotherhood initiate engaging with another raider camp and decided to help them fight the raiders, thinking they would give me some kind of reward. (They did not. BoS. More like PoS.)

By the time I reach Whitespring Resort, I already spent around 150 cells of my laser rifle and all 100+ of my .45 rounds for my Fixer rifle. When I spotted the white wall, I dropped my guard and happily ran in, thinking that the whole place is just one big-friendly shopping mall.


And the next thing I knew, the game pretty much turned from Fallout into Dying Light.

Except the ghouls are significantly stronger and faster, and Fallout 76's PC are not nearly as good at parkour nor was he/she as deadly with melee weapon.

I was SWARMED by 10+ ghouls. And the longer I took to fight, or the longer I flee, the more ghouls get attracted to me.

Pic of how the game turn into Dying Light

I spent my ENTIRE ARSENAL to shake the ghouls off and reach the Mall's entrance. 4 pieces of my armor broke, I died 3 times, and my laser rifle also broke twice (the 2nd time I spent all fiber optics I had to turn it from sniper rifle to regular rifle because it's impossible to run and gun with laser sniper rifle).

And when I got to the Mall, Flintlock sold THE PLAN for Blackpowder Rifle to me for 2000 caps.

That's right, I was an idiot and didn't know that he sells the plan for that rifle, and not the rifle itself.

I brought the plan, since, I have already spent almost everything I had to reach this point. Why not go all the way and spend 2000 of my 2500 caps I had as well?

And so that's the story of how I got trapped in a shopping mall surrounded by zombies with all my accumulated resources, some of which I have no ideal how to replenish, ran out. But hey, at least I got a Blackpowder rifle.

This damn thing better be worth it.

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