I bought a month of FO1st, I’ve been playing since beta on a level 199 and 450 hours so far. Here are my thoughts

fallout 7 - I bought a month of FO1st, I've been playing since beta on a level 199 and 450 hours so far. Here are my thoughts

Hey yall, I've seen a lot of threads on this so far but I'd like to add my two cents in this post.

I was incredibly excited for this game before it came out well because its fallout and I'm a sucker for anything to do with the franchise. I bought the power armor edition and a digital copy on my xbox one. One copy was going to be used by a friend and the other by me. I ended up playing solo almost exclusively and I've enjoyed the game a lot. That being said, I don't think this game needs a subscription service, but if it has one, then there's things that need fixing first and the subscription service needs to be reworked entirely.

First I'd like to reiterate some of the other posts I've seen in this sub. The scrap box makes this game much, much easier in every regard. I haven't had any technical issues with it but the mechanic itself is 100% a pay to make the game easier mechanic. After getting the scrap box I loaded all of my scrap into it and my stash went from 800/800 to around 400/800. That's crazy imo. I now have more room for ammo, weapons, etc. I was only using 3-5 weapons before but now I can stash stuff endlessly and still be fine. The scrap box should be given to everyone. No question.

Second is the private servers. I don't care for these at all at the moment. The only way I'd remotely ever think about paying for something like these annually is if the server (which I don't we should have to) is if they were completely customizable and persistent. I want the workshops I've taken and built to stay there and I want to be able to scale all NPCs to levels, make it a survival server, etc.


Next is the tent. The tent is helpful in a lot of situations from what I've found. Every time i do the SQB I end up throwing it down and it helps just about everyone out although it's just another feature that's there that should be earned in game. I liked the suggestion of earning it though the pioneer scouts quest line. I'd love to see a quest line ending with a sheepsquach or something with the tent being the reward.

Last is the monthly atoms and cosmetics locked behind FO1st. I actually don't care about this one bit. If this is tacked on without a thought I don't personally care. It's not something I'd personally pay monthly or yearly for but that's just me. Cosmetics were never a bad thing, even if its behind a subscription fee.

And that's my two cents on the matter so far. Feel free to discuss, give me shit for paying the $12.99, suggest what you think would be better, etc. I'm going to continue to play this game because well I enjoy it, but if all of what Bethesda has done turns you off from it well, you sure as shit ain't wrong to be turned off about it.

Thanks for reading!

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