I bought the game at full price. I don’t regret it

fallout 6 - I bought the game at full price. I don't regret it

I know there are a lot of people who are complaining about the current sale of the game, heck there's a front page post from r/pcgaming making fun of the game's current price, but I just want to say that I bought the game for full price and I don't regret it.

The game has given me more than my money's worth in terms of content and I am still enjoying every moment of it. And as my saviour Mothman has taught me, judgement will soon befall all those mock our faith in the game. So take heart, fellow 76 dwellers!


Edit: Yes, I agree that it's kinda shitty that Bethesda decided to drop the price of the game so quickly after launch. As a consumer, I wish I had waited longer, but as a fan, the price is worth it given the content and amount of time I've spent in the game. I don't blame Bethesda, I'm guessing the overwhelmingly negative response and the possibility that they're not meeting the sales target had a role to play, just that it would be good if they acknowledged the folks who bought the game at full price. Even a shitty t-shirt would do.

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