I built a maze and then trapped players inside it with a deathclaw

fallout 2 - I built a maze and then trapped players inside it with a deathclaw

I've done a couple C.A.M.P. builds before this one, namely murder church and the player oven but one I've wanted to do for a really long time was something that involved tamed creatures. I had heard some tamed creatures were aggressive to other players which seemed pretty interesting. Around the same time I had also been wanting to build a labyrinth but couldn't decide which to do, so instead of building the two separately I thought I would try and combine the two ideas and see what happened… what resulted was the deathclaw maze.

You can watch a video of it here

What better introduction to the wasteland than a man in a bathrobe and a top hat trying to lure you into a self-built murder maze with a deathclaw in it. Don't trust a man in slippers and Appalachia is full of lunatics. Welcome to West Virginia.





Note: This is entirely an experience of fear. The people in the video likely couldn't tell at the time but tame-ables function on the same player damage rules as players, so they are only doing slap damage unless the player is either wanted or has reciprocated pvp. But that is really hard to think about when you're unexpectedly faced with a deathclaw that is chasing you through a locked maze. Nobody in the video actually died. If I had made this camp a month ago I do believe the deathclaw would have killed anyone over level 5 if they would have become wanted from attacking it. I was a little sad to have missed that because I think it would have been more interesting but since the surprise and fear was mostly what I was looking for I still thought it would be interesting and pretty hilarious to watch.


Here's hoping Bethesda adds a lot of new C.A.M.P. material in future patches. C.A.M.P.s aren't designed to defend against or kill players but I think it is one of the most interesting things you can do with the camping system. Your camp is your turf, so players should be able to defend it and other players should be wary of another player's territory. There should be more versatility available to allow clever designs.

Technical notes about the maze:
This was probably the most ambitious and difficult camp I've done yet. Finding a tame-able creature involves a lot of server hopping for event spawns and the chance of finding a deathclaw specifically is low (it took me 2-3 days of server hopping before I found one). I also found out that when a player kills your tamed creature it seems to disappear completely while continuing to take budget space, so on top of being time consuming it was risky. I lost 2 of them to random high levels that stumbled on them while I was loading in or were just passing by and had to server hop continuously to find others. They seem to be level capped at around 20-23, so they are relatively easy to kill for anyone with the gear to do so.

The maze itself had several iterations. It doesn't look like much now but that is mostly a constraint of the CAMP radius being small and the fact deathclaws can't fit through anything, so you need a lot of open space. The first version of the maze was a lot maze-ier and used a lot of doorways, fake doors and had a wirefloor ceiling to limit visibility and help disorient players, something I had tested for a couple days and it actually took players some amount of time to complete it. I had to remove the ceiling because a deathclaw is so big it will pop itself up to the second floor any time it stands up.

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