I built a slaughterhouse for experience farming and was curious if anyone else had done this.

fallout 4 - I built a slaughterhouse for experience farming and was curious if anyone else had done this.

As the title says, I built a giant slaughterhouse for primarily farming experience, but also can be tweaked a bit to make some decent caps. I was wondering if anyone else had done thise before?

My How-to:

You can do this straight from the start, but it will take some time to pay off from there. I started building it around level 25 or 30. I'm also playing in survival. I was able to jump 20 levels within a few hours. Between 6 and 8.

This will also work best if you start with a specific build. The best build is to max intelligence and charisma, then divvy up everything else. Personally, I would do strength so you can move more loot around easier. Drink a beer and use the you're special mag in sanctuary to get an extra intelligence. Later, when you can get the bobbleheads, do this as well. You want your intelligence really high for the experience farming and charisma high for lower prices.

You are going to need a couple perks as well to do this right. You need local leader 2. You will want a weapons and trade shop for ammo and scrap. You also want a clothing shop so you can get black-rim glasses, a trilby hat, and a clean tan suit, and also a lab coat and ushanka hat. These are to boost your charisma and intelligence when either purchasing goods or gaining experience. You can use other outfits, but I chose these because the trilby, suit, and lab coat can be armored when you get the ballistic wave mod.


You need to select a big settlement. I chose starlight drive in. But spectacle island would do well also. You will want science 1 so you can build water purifiers, which you should eventually upgrade to industrial ones. These will produce excess water while waiting for traps. that you can sell them to supplement purchasing of scrap to repair traps and more bullets.

You need at least 6 settlers. 3 for the shops, and 3 farming carrots. Buy lots of concrete and steel and build a giant arena. I set the traps around the edge of the arena so all the creatures would drop in and couldn't get out. My arena is pretty large in starlight. I currently farm 6 radstag traps, to refill the 6 yao gui traps, that fill 12 death claw traps. I have each one hooked to individual circuits I can cut so only one creature type is in the arena at a time. I'm sure you can see how this progresses.

The key to this is picking monsters near your skill level. A bunch of death claws when you are low level will drain your ammo. It is best to work up to that. Also invest in perks that will make your skills quicker to reduce your ammo usage.

Some other notes are to definitely get the wasteland survival guide that doubles meat. Dont bother drinking and eating a lot. Traps take at least 48 hours to fill. Sleep two days kill. Eat a death claw steak. Drink from a pump. Kill everything. Only cook the death claw steaks, eat what you need and sell the rest. Get some tales of a junk town jerky vendor to make prices better. Upgrade your stores to level 3 early. If I think of anything else, I will add it.

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