I built a time-based platformer… I call it, “Beat the Clock”

fallout 76 discussion and inform - I built a time-based platformer... I call it, "Beat the Clock"

I love the C.A.M.P. system in Fallout 76 and love the idea of using it as a way to interact with other players in the game world. I had the idea for a while to try and build a time-based platformer where players would race against the clock in a game where they would risk death for prizes. It took a couple weeks of building but I finally finished and having been playing with various wastelanders that have stopped by my camp over the past few days. People have been having a lot of fun and there's been a lot of laughs, loot and most frequently fall related death. I call the game, "Beat the Clock".

You can see a video of it here

Observational note:
Most players were not initially aware of the "clock" portion of the game (with the flamers destroying platforms) so there was often some surprise when they appeared. In my observation, this frequently lead to panic'd leaps of death.

How it works:

The way the game works is pretty simple. The camp is built over a steep cliff with floating boxes serving as platforms that the player can use to reach the top. At the top is a vending machine with a variety of loot (legendaries, stimpaks, bobbleheads, etc) set for a price of 0 caps. As players work there way through the course flamers start to burn away the platforms, giving them only limited time to jump through the level. If you're caught on a platform when the flamer turns on then the platform disappears and you fall to your death. But there is also always a fall risk when trying to jump quickly to avoid the flamers.

How it works (functionally speaking):


How the game "works" is actually complicated and the wiring took me several days of confusion to figure out. There are no camp objects that function as timers so to do this I set up a series of flamers and powered speakers that would trigger at intervals and

of flamers. There are 3 internal flamers that target a wall. On the other side of the wall is a power pylon supplying power to the flamer. The "timer" is however long it takes the flamer to break through the wall and destroy its own power pylon. Depending on server lag this can be faster or slower. I can arbitrarily speed up or slow down the timer by using different types of walls (steel is stronger than brick which is stronger than wood). If the server is slow I use wood walls. If I feel like someone needs a slight advantage I may set it to steel and etc. For the most part it is brick except the last layer which is wood.

All of the power "routing" is handled by powered speakers that are positioned throughout the inside of the camp and connected to the rows of flamers. There's more detail in the youtube video I linked but essentially I'm using a 3 power generator (with 1 power removed) to send power to 2 powered speakers located at different levels of the interior. All this working together allows the flamers to cycle from the bottom to the top, one row after the other.

Other notes:

I've done a couple similar camps, one was a game that challenged players to

. I'd also done a 50/50 game where


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