I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want them to remove food debuffs.

fallout 4 - I can't be the only one who doesn't want them to remove food debuffs.

The game was advertised as still having some of it's survivle-lite elements, and personally I still like that.

It's a penalty for spamming RAdAway during high radiation moments, which is quite a bit in this game. It gives food and water a purpose outside of just a "meh, nice to have the buff I guess", it kinda contradicts the icebox thing, because without the debuffs, who gives a shit about food and water past just a buff?

Sometimes it's nice to neglect it and in the middle of a fight suddenly realize you're down AP , to realize your thirsty or hungry and have to eat mid fight. I know that can be tedious for some people, but I personally liked it.

They already removed the PvP server, now they're removing literally all that's left of the survival mechanics. This doesn't feel like an apocalyptic world, it feels like an amusement park. I know to a lot of people it's like "good, it was a nuisance and pointless anyway", but I can't be the only one who kinda felt a bit more immersed and like a real fallout game to just…have to eat and drink every now and again.

The game feels like it's becoming more and more…autonomous? Redundant? Repetitive? And I don't mean content wise, since we're getting more content soon.

I mean, the majority of players are rocking Power Armor with gatling guns, gatling guns in general, or bloodied builds that one shot everything outside of a public event boss, to which MOST only take another hit or two.

For anyone who can relate, it's feeling like Warlords of Draenor garrisons from World of Warcraft. Everyone is in their own little bubble, not socializing at all, doing their own thing, not caring about those around them. Gatling gun users are mowing down everything not giving anyone else tags, fighting with other gatling users for tags. Power ARmor is everywhere i personally see removing the uniqueness of character outfits with an army of steel suits.


I went on a bit of a rant, and yea for most I'm sure removing the food penalties means nothing and gets rid of what is seen as a nuisance…but ot me, with everything else I personally believe the game has hurting itself from the inside out, it's removing some of FALLOUT from FALLOUT76.

EDIT: Just realized it also makes al ot of the food perks kinda pointless (not like they were real helpful before anyway) so now it's just a clutter of TRULY useless perks. Also wanted to elaborate on the redundancy thing. People just get in Power Armor, or don't, but I see it A LOT, then either way they mow shit down with gatlings and bloodied and then server hop to the next event. It just feels….bad to see that everywhere you go. Everyone stands in the same area where the mobs will filter in or where they get the best vantage point on the whole area to mow everything down.

I see the same playstyle or two across the game and have for half a year now, I'm just…tired of it. I don't think I have EVER seen a fucking shotgun build, despite me having a shotgun in my stash that I THINK is bugged, a Furious one, that literally SHREDS anything I encounter, including legendary mirelurk queens like it's a fucking bloodied on steroids. Still, I've never seen a shotgun build, I HARDLY EVER see Gunslinger builds (pistols).

I have the unfaltering opinion that this game needs to feel more like Fallout, and less like an MMO. We play this game because it's a multiplayer Fallout, not because it's an MMO. If this wasn't Fallout, I wouldn't touch this buggy, stuttering mess. We choose to play this game because we love the universe and lore, and doing this…even if it's just a nuisance to the majority of you…doing this removes some of Fallout's charm.

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