I challenge any YouTube personality to a debate about Fallout 76 ‘news’

fallout 7 - I challenge any YouTube personality to a debate about Fallout 76 'news'

Hi, my name is Jonny, and quite frankly I am tired of watching reddit's words being taken out of context for the community having criticism of YouTube personalities talking about Fallout, so I am giving a Callout (see what I did there) to see if any of these people would be willing to objectively talk about the issues surrounding the criticisms on both sides of the fence.

I had a post yesterday get pinned about wanting more gameplay and news rather than controversy and unverified news (https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a7zr4f/we_want_gameplay_and_news_not_unverified/) from some of the YouTube personalities, only to wake up and see fellows of mine that had written similar posts getting shredded totally subjectively with things like 'Reddit blames me' and 'YouTubers attacked' and I find this humorously ironic on so many levels. I find it this way because they have basically taken our very meticulously crafted words, misconstrued them and used them to get more views and throw their opinion out there. That is pretty messed up.

The trouble with YouTube (JuiceHead, Upper Echelon, Paragon Hex, TheQuartering, YongYea) is that it is what is considered a one way asymmetrical communication tool with some secondary two way. This means that a content creator can post what they want, but by amassing a following over time they are unable to see differentiating opinions well, or at all, and those opinions are drowned out. This is infinitely more funny because many YouTube personalities get their information from subreddit pages. It is a vicious cycle.


Inversely, the YouTube community feels the same way about Reddit, stating that subreddits are positive echo chambers and that its users are nothing more than Fanboys. For anybody on here that has hotly debated a topic that is the mess of what Fallout 76's release is, you can imagine how much the community disagrees.

So with everything in mind, I challenge you, YouTube. I will make my account public and stream a debate as long as you would like about Fallout 76 unverified content releases and examples of the YouTube community chasing down negative controversy.

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I promise the following: to be courteous, to acknowledge that you can pull the plug at any time, and to bring a ton of data backing my points and showing objectively this side of the argument. In addition, I will listen to what ever feedback you provide, but request that you follow the same rules.

Come on guys, put your subscribers where your mouth is and actually talk about this with the community. We know you are reading these pages looking for more content to post, so bring it on. Do something that both communities would want to see. You'll have home field advantage and make the points seem so clear, so what are you afraid of? I have no vendetta, just would like to have a real, constructive conversation.

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