I convinced 2 random people who quit 2 weeks into Fallout 76 that it has a lot more to offer

fallout 7 - I convinced 2 random people who quit 2 weeks into Fallout 76 that it has a lot more to offer

(Spoiler just for a hidden area at a location, not story spoilers or such) I was minding my own business, scrapping all the golf balls in the world at the White Springs Station and checking my challenges late at night and 2 people ran up to me asking if I had a mic. I didn't see them as they were coming from behind while in my pipboy and honestly thought they were greifers cause this was about 4am. Long behold it was a high level 60 player and a low level 30 player. They were amazed I had a mic when I responded and they told me they quit after like 2 weeks cause of the monotonous cycle that 76 created and other games that came out and decided to try 76 again. No one talked to them and I said that it was pretty common that not everyone uses a mic that often unless its the Queen. Things have changed a lot since that time though. I filled them in on everything that has changed and occurred and what the future entails; the pacifist mode becoming more known, the TSE meta, the dupers crashing the trading market prices, the big patches that changed things (and reversedthings accidentally) , the annoying current meta of assassin and sentinel/ cavalier making PvP a snooze fest, rhe new content we're getting and all that stuff. They were suprised so many things have changed and whatnot and were curious what a level 190 was doing still playing the game and I told them "Easy, the exploration. This game has the best and most realistic approach to exploring that I've felt in a game. Has some cool things and has some normal things. A game about easter eggs and enjoying the story the enviornment tells so you have to figure out what happened." In their time, they said they didn't really find too much awesome places and felt that was a factor that caused them to stop. I never stopped and have around 350 hours in since beta time so I joined their squad and showed them to two specific areas that perfectly tell the way 76 is created for; Lucky Hole Mine and Tanagra Town. Lucky Hole Mine is amazing for lead veins and crystals but it also has the best easter egg in the game I feel (not really a spoiler since its not story related but I've marked it such just cause). I fast traveled and told them to come to me there. They didnxt know about the place and filled them in that this is the absolute best place for lead making and all that stuff. We went in and since I had the keys, we went into the awesome pace faster. We ran and I went inside the tight slip behind a small dead bush and they thought that was neat cause they never would've noticed it. I then mentioned if they didn't see it then they definitely won't see this one coming and I backed inti the wall of grass and they flipped their shit cause they didn't expect a hidden area inside a hidden area. We went inside and I showed them the Lovecraftian creature Lucky Hole Mine is known for and they thought that was crazy and super unique. I explained that 76's background lore is the crazy cultists that follow the veins and vines that have taken slowly over the Marshes and made their way through the grounds and pointed out the bizarre heads lined all along the back wall and the vines that moved from the giant creature on the ground. They never expected something like that and they were immediately hooked on the preface of exploring extra in areas to find the hidden lore that 76 offers nearly everywhere. Next stop was the town in the sky; Tanagra. This one they really enjoyed cause of how unique of a location it visually looks. We went inside and I showed them the same face that was inside the Lucky Hole Mine and told them that everything sortof connects across everywhere in mini stories that the player has to connect themselves and ahowed them how unique an area can be but also once at the top, how there wasn't much of a point. I did show them the one house tilted so hard that it gives everyone a sense of vertigo and wooziness (seriously, whoever designed that was great. Was the first time a game visually fucked with my senses and made me feel weird in person) and showed them some notes and such. Was only about an hour of interacting but pretty much told them that the game is all about exploring; looking into everything and such. Talked about how some additions like actual humanoid NPCs and some other things might help but the small adventure I gave them gave them a new perspective on how 76 functions versus the other games it builds from. It was late at like 5:30am and they added me as a friend and thanked for the adventure and left but it gave me a feeling of jealousy cause how they reacted is exactly how I reacted when I played those areas first and how there is an innocence that the Fallout franchise creates that leaves memories that we cherish. Lots of people help out low level people but literally bringing life into a game for people that they think was dead that I still enjoy gives me hope for the future of 76 and for those that will come back from the past and notice how much the game has changed and all the things it can offer if the effort is put in.


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