I created a bad character on Fallout 1: should I continue playing or restart?

fallout 7 - I created a bad character on Fallout 1: should I continue playing or restart?

So I created my first character a few months ago on Fallout 1. (The game has a really cool feature. It lets you print your character and you can find all of the stats of my character below. ) I focused on Strength and Charisma, to the detriment of Agility, Luck and Perception. And even the character's name, Ulysses, strikes as strong and charismatic! Perception didn't really affect my gameplay because I was using melee in combat but I had no idea 4 points in Agility wouldn't give you enough Action Points. I have 5 APs which is annoyingly insufficient in combat. So I'm kinda stuck now because at this point all the quest lines that I've managed to play through involve a combat that I can't easily handle at this level. There are also some quests that I don't know what I should do to finish them and I don't want to read spoilers online because it's very obvious that this isn't the way you should play Fallout 1!

So now it seems that I have three options. Either I have to grind for level-ups which isn't really how I intend to play the game and there are not a lot of ways to grind in Fallout 1! The second thing I can do is just say fuck it and check the wiki! And my last option is just restarting the game with a viable character.

What do you suggest?

P.S. There are also two locations on the large map which I haven't discovered yet that may give me new quests so I might actually try to find them before anything



05 May 2162 2008 hours

Name: Ulysses Age: 23 Gender: Male

Level: 04 Exp: 8,855 Next Level: 10,000

::: Statistics :::

Strength: 10 Hit Points: 045/052 Sequence: 10

Perception: 01 Armor Class: 014 Healing Rate: 02

Endurance: 06 Action Points: 05 Critical Chance: 003%

Charisma: 10 Melee Damage: 09 Carry Weight: 275 lbs.

Intelligence: 08 Damage Res.: 030%

Agility: 04 Radiation Res.: 012%


Luck: 03 Poison Res.: 030%

::: Traits ::: ::: Perks ::: ::: Karma :::

Bruiser Smooth Talker Reputation (General) 9

Heavy Handed

::: Skills ::: ::: Kills :::

Small Guns ….. 039% Men ………… 005

Big Guns ……. 014% Women ………. 005

Energy Weapons . 014% Ghouls ……… 005

Unarmed …….. 072% Radscorpions … 016

Melee Weapons .. 100% Rats ……….. 047

Throwing ……. 044% Floaters ……. 001

First aid …… 034% Manti ………. 005

Doctor ……… 051%

Sneak ………. 029%

Lockpick ……. 045%

Steal ………. 024%

Traps ………. 022%

Science …….. 047%

Repair ……… 028%

Speech ……… 091%

Barter ……… 046%

Gambling ……. 029%

Outdoorsman …. 012%

::: Inventory :::

1x 10mm JHP 12x Stimpak 2x Flare

5x First Aid Kit 1x 10mm AP 2,620x Bottle Caps

11x Nuka-Cola 1x Crowbar 2x Psycho

7x Super Stimpak 2x Buffout 3x Mentats

1x RadAway 2x Doctor's Bag 1x Beer

3x Iguana-on-a-stick 1x Bug 4x .44 magnum FMJ

1x Combat Knife 1x Desert Eagle .44 1x Leather Armor

1x Flower 1x Geiger Counter 1x First Aid Book

1x Bag 1x Back Pack 1x Regulator Transmission

4x Scorpion Tail 2x Antidote 1x Sledgehammer

1x Brass Knuckles 1x Metal Armor

Total Weight: 210 lbs.

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