I dealt with my OCD in fallout 4 at last!

fallout 8 - I dealt with my OCD in fallout 4 at last!

I had this bad habit of wasting hours or even days trying out different mods and load orders before starting a character, more time on switching mods than playing

I used to check my settings all the time to see if everything is ok

I used to give myself perfection rules about inventory management, about completing certain quests and perks in a certain order, and as soon as something didnt go as planned i would restart the whole game

Now i finally said fu*k it, im just gonna play the damn game, after years of searching for perfection in skyrim fallout 3, new vegas

I just play the game and i havent had such a blast in years!

I just do whatever i want, being a sarcastic jerk, dressing however i want, without checking the stats


Now i made this wife character, she wears flanel shirt and jeans, batting helmet and uses whatever weapon she gets, in survival mode

I do not care if i di not have enough purified water anymore, i drink from the river if i have to

I used to collect every good weapon i found, now i dont care: i found this missile launcher with 7 rockets in the boston public library at level 11, shot the mutants then dropped the launcher, fu*k it, im a badass now

I said fu*k off to preston even though those quests are ob my to do list

I feel free, i enjoy my experience at last

I needed someone to share this with

Have a nice day wanderers 😉


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