I decided to replay Fallout New Vegas on normal so I could actually finish the DLC.

fallout 2 - I decided to replay Fallout New Vegas on normal so I could actually finish the DLC.

I have played Fallout New Vegas multiple times, it's my favorite game of all time (Together with Kotor 2). This time I decided to put on Normal (I normally play on hard/Hardcore because I've always faced burn out when it came to the DLC & end game.

Since the start of the game I couldn't realize why everything felt so tanky. Multiple bullet sponges – I figured it had to do with rebalancing from the mods I had installed (Jsawyer, Project Nevada etc) that made the enemies a bit tougher. I wanted to clear out Primm & struggled as I never had before. Again I figured it had to do with me running a low intelligence/charisma build & I just had allocated bad.

I carried on, it mostly went alright. My companions felt a lot weaker but chalked it up to only running a 3 charisma, I struggled at some points & figured I was just too early into the areas. I stayed the fuck away from areas I remember being hard, tried to focus more on roleplaying with my build, rather than efficiency.

Then came the DLC & holy fuck my level 22 character got assblasted in Old World Blues by those bloody scorpions & Nightstalkers. They were so tanky & ruined me in a couple of hits, constant crippled limbs, had to create Stimpaks & cook food for the first time. There were no vendors to stock up, only the SINK guy & he never restocked in my playthrough. Nevertheless I wanted a completionist run, so I did every sidequest I could find in OWB, cleared most areas.


I ran out of ammo early, with no ways to restock. I had to swap weapons & start using energy weapons, together with melee. Find the best tactic. Eventually, after using the Workbench a lot, I pulled through & it became somewhat streamlined towards the end. The story is fun, characters are quirky & it's a lovable DLC.

I went on to Dead Money, which I had never done before as the Difficulty would always hit me hard. This time I had done OWB, was around level 27 when I went in & I could not understand how people beat this on a level above Normal. My weapons were maxed, I used Chems consistently to beat the enemies & those ghosts still felt like shooting at a brick wall. I had to abuse kiting, traps & food to the max.

I died so many times in Dead Money & it took me roughly 7 hours to complete. At the end, I heard the radio have a voice message recorded but I couldn't hear what it was saying – so I opened my settings

I could have saved a lot of time, but nevertheless, I am happy for my mistake, because the sense of accomplisment felt great 😉

tl;dr – settings

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